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Music Groups/Artists You Used To Like, But Don't Anymore


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Surprising, was not to keen on their early stuff although I've got every album. From "listen like thieves" up until "elegantly wasted" I loved.

I actually like everything including and after Shoobooh Shoobah, the first 2 albums are a bit too quirky. Ironically if you watch their early vids, Hutch is like another 'Rats era Geldof.
I like the odd song off that album, ye I agree about hutch he was
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Hutchence was a genuine one off. An amazing and gifted frontman. Tragic, ye I agree it only takes a spark to realise how good a band is or was

Never liked a single thing by INXS, could never see the appeal.

INXS at the NEC was the worst gig I've ever been to.

given that the ticket and transport were both free, and given that I've also seen Beverly Craven, The Style Council and Courtney Pine in concert, that's impressively poor

Nowhere near my worst gig but much much further away from being a great gig. Though I did stay up drinking in the Adelphi Hotel bar with MH until they eventually kicked us out at about 4am

Never my kind of thing as a band but anyone that buys me that much beer in one night can't be slated

I envy you
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