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Cockernees - are they all fick


Have you had your identity stolen  

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  1. 1. Have you had your identity stolen

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I know silly question, but it does have some background.

Cockernees are fick

Research from Symantec found that 21 per cent of Londoners have fallen victim to having their bank details stolen and used by someone else.

The report also found that Londoners are at risk from having their computer taken over and controlled remotely, as 36 per cent of the world's so called "bot-infested" computers can be found in the capital.

Amongst my friends and family I can think of one person who has "had their identity stolen" and that happened 5 years ago and apart from receiving 20 mobile phone bills a month, caused him no problem at all.

* the central fraud register (cifas) has less than 1.5 million unique addresses on their list;

* 20% of london (assuming 2 people per household) = 800k.

So is half of all fraud committed in london?

Is the report bollocks conducted by parties interested in selling security products.

Should the survey publishers be prosecuted for fraud?

Or are cockerneess just simple stooges waiting to be turned over?

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Yes, but being of the manor, you're obviously not really patrick cousens and have robbed your new identity from some poor unsuspecting jellied eel muncher whilst he was trying to get out of aol's walled garden.

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The article states "a fifth of Londoners having had their bank details stolen" which seems to imply of London as a whole, not just those on the register. With London's population at around 7m, that seems like a truly ridiculous figure. That said, it makes sense that London has significantly more than elsewhere, the capital city generally does, especially one that is as dominant in terms of population as elsewhere.

But you don't have to be dim to have your bank account tapped into. It happened to me despite my shredding all my unwanted mail before throwing it away, despite paranoia over who gets my bank details, and despite using careful, well thought-out passwords. First sign I got was checking online banking and finding that my overdraft had been maxed out. Not an experience I recommend, but to be honest you're powerless - your details are as secure as the operative in the call centre who gets access to them daily wants them to be, whether they be at your bank (every detail under the sun), mobile phone provider (name, address, credit card and/or bank account), cable television company, etc, etc, etc. It's a long human chain, one that relies on trust and integrity, and one that is, sadly, always going to be exploited.

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Whilst sympathising with your situation I'm afraid your account can be discounted as you are not owning up to having been born within the sound of the bells.

not just those on the register

What register? If you are referring the aforementioned CIFAS - this is a cross industry body that all the subscribing bodies (all the banks and buil socs + the larger commercial lenders) subscribe. Thus it should contain a record of every address where fraud has been committed in the UK as a whole over the past 6 years. If their list runs to 1.5 million addresses, and 20% of cockernees (taking 8m as my starting point) gave 1.6m victims, or roughly 800k households (if the victims people cohabit and the lucky people avoid them). As that seems unlikely and making up a number (20%) of households affected by multiple fraud, would imply that there has been fraud at 1.3million landun addresses, so only 200k out of the other 25m houses in the country have suffered from fraud.

In conclusion, it appears that I may have misdirected my post somewhat.

The real point was the people who have produced the survey are lying out of their corporate american arseholes and trying to help spread the bollox of fear, so that people would buy their products.

your details are as secure as the operative in the call centre who gets access to them daily wants them to be
Precisely. And that's what symantec products and tony's white elephant won't "address" in the slightest. The majority of fraud is carried out by the people who are supposed to be custodians, but the burden of responsibility is pushed towards the individual.
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