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  1. It's never easy to put recipes on here as I NEVER measure stuff, I just put in what I "know" But anyway, done a Jalfrezi tonight... 3 large onions, chopped in a blender Fry onions in oil, add as much garlic as you like (I used 3 frozen blocks of Cofresh garlic which equates to 6-9 cloves) Add ginger, stir fry til nice and brown Add black pepper and cloves/cinnamon powder (I make this from grinding cinnamon sticks and cloves in a grinder) Add a splash of coriander cumin and garam masala powder, stir fry. Add water if it gets too dry Add some fresh or dried methi.
  2. To be fair, people are perfectly entitled to think he's a clearing in the woods He hasn't exactly been complimentary to our club over the years. Including the last few weeks Thompson says we overachieve, but guess which club is the fifth on the all-time Premier League table, only behind Manu, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool?
  3. As if I saw Rob at the Villa today :!:
  4. nah, Brian Connolly was not related to Mark McManus. McManus was the nephew of Brian's foster father. No blood ties Oi you, What happened to my topic you goon? :winkold:
  5. :shock: Not filthy enough for the likes of you I would have thought.
  6. Damn, I'd had a change of heart as well I wont let you play these cruel games with me Chindie, Turned down twice in one day. I wont lie, It hurts. Youre nothing more than a tease. :cry:
  7. You goons, I was only messing. Besides that little "treat" from MrWeed was plenty
  8. I am not Chindie but.... Oi! I'm not that bad either. And the bondage stuff definitely isn't me. Or the shaved head thing. And I'm not that fat. :| The offers still open if you want me to confirm the above :winkold:
  9. I am not Chindie but.... That picture makes me a little uncomfortable. :?
  10. As if I cant quote properly... :oops:
  11. So you're naturally hairless everywhere except your scalp? Want to try reading what I wrote again? :bonk: :? I still read it that you haven't any body/pubic hair and therefore don't trim and that if you did have body/pubic hair you would trim. Unless you only have a tiny amount that you deem untrimmable? :| Me too.
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