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  1. Its Utd they have been coached to get panalties
  2. I see were going for the final post in the unholy trinity of - left post, right post and break the crossbar
  3. Delighted for Davis, overdue but good poach. Watch the weight lift off him
  4. They are all hitting the ground like flies on sh1t
  5. That last corner, 3 Albion players went down yelling. No one near them
  6. The entire city team, they shout for everything. Just walking around shouting at the ref
  7. Wouldnt you? They are pressing us quick and high and we just boot it back or out. Noone looking for space
  8. Which is why we are on this run but if you close your eyes real tight and say Grealish over and over it creates a goal
  9. Yes but you supplement with creativeness around it. You build an entire team, creativeness and attack on 1 player, well look at what you get.
  10. Is this not our problem, we built so much on Grealish when he doesnt play we have nothing else
  11. Can Barkley tackle? He never seems to commit to it and when he loses the ball throws a strop and just wanders off
  12. McGinn got a haircut. Does that mean he loses his powers?
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