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  1. You use it a reason why we could do better, where I use it a the winning spell as a reason it wont happen again. Anyways you ppg is not play off position either way, so your point makes no sense
  2. Well his ppg for game means we dont have a play off position. Im merely stating take away the 8 games as a example to his stating "even with christmas" as a reason why we would make play offs. The 8 games come at a time when a lot of teams have nothing to play for. You can live in denial about this if you want
  3. Hence why I said pretty much brah, maybe you should read a little. How long do you think a season is mind? He wasnt in charge for 6 weeks at the start but has been for 6 much since, uh ok dude
  4. Well you want to ignore that January spell, why would we no ignore the winning spell at the end of the season when a lot of teams are on the beach. You keep saying play off form, when 72 points isnt play off form. Your point has no reason at all tbh other than state we will miss the play offs next season if we get the same ppg again
  5. Just saw us linked to Boyd, Im sure Im not alone in praying that doesnt happen. I like him as a player but hes nearly 32
  6. Summer 2016, before that we tweeted Lerner
  7. I do understand, in the same way that you use it as a excuse you fail to comprehend we also had a 8 wins when play offs were out of reach against teams who season was finished. Take away the 8 wins and do we have play off ppg for example. No
  8. Actually I was wrong about Newcastle they brought in 12 players last summer. So yeah that we had new signings excuse is just sad, but sure if ye want to peddle it out as a defence of a manager who clearly has failed off with ye
  9. You included it as a sidenote. You ignored the fact that we were **** when missing one, yes one player. Quality manager that he is, surely he should have been able to cope
  10. I havent seen that as the case, I personally have said I hope he proves me wrong. 100%, I will happily eat humble pie if he brings us up next year, I dont even want him to win the league just promotion
  11. I like Bruce, I just dont rate him as a manager. To keep him at this stage is equally weak reasoning. You ignore the fact that without Kodija we were ****. Even with that settled squad excuse we were **** without Kodija. Look at Newcastle they made a raft of changes to there team, they didnt do so badly 7 starters I think they brought in. But heck lets ignore that, Villa signed 9 but thats including De Laet and Tshibola who were for different reasons never got a chance in the team. So 7 for each team
  12. Really there has been many, it says more about you than people giving the logical reasons
  13. My mind is not changing as Ive had pretty much a full season of Bruce. I like the rest of ye thought he might be a good appointment and I agree 100% he steadied the ship bu thats all I see from Bruce mid table ball with a team capable of more. To only look at the last couple of months is just not a great way of thinking. If Kodija hadnt been available say for those last 2 months we wouldnt have got more than 2 wins, how is it a sign of a good manager to have to rely on one player. You see us out the other side, I see us getting lucky for a spell, based on the fact the stats havent changed from the games, were still getting dominated and were still playing hoofball and even keeping clean sheets etc google some of the highlights and see how they easily could have gone the other way
  14. Well I think its weak reasoning and selective thinking. That christmas spell is constantly used a reason as why wed do better, when that was the one time he had to do without Kodija and failed epically
  15. Yes I think losing one player is a weak excuse. Are you completely resistant to the fact that Bruces has failed in his one month without that player, whats funny is ye use Kodija as a reason for January failure while ignoring he pretty much bailed us out constantly on the winning streak. I fear to think had we not had the big man for this season. I think were done, a great way to leave a conversation you know youve lost
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