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  1. Villa playing with enthusiasm but nowhere near WHam structure- Jota surrounded by 2-3 players so hard to be creative - Grealish one trip = booked! Mings and Engels excellent. Marvellous chirpy but off the pace. Ref trying to be sensible but crap. 140 million to be relegation contenders but that’s the PL. Could we build a team without Grealish and have him as the luxury player? We have the money.McGinn is the workhorse of the midfield and excellent but Paul Scholes at 25 would be good! Grealish to be sent off for a dive in the box whilst having both legs broken by an obvious foul- VAR not involved as ref blew for a bad Grealish haircut
  2. Playing as a team with good effort everywhere. Am I watching Villa?
  3. Villa look a playoff team.Nice to see Jack not going on pointless meandering runs from half way and getting kicked.His maturity shows in his stylish lay offs and actually excellent defensive effort. Mings and McGinn brilliant. Don’t miss Adomah or .Kodja.
  4. Bristol pressure us when we have the ball-2 or 3 at a time. We are about half their speed and urgency. No wing play, Jack not anywhere and fouled when he is. Bristol seem set up like all the teams we have faced - organised,game plan,committed, a TEAM.
  5. How much will it cost to sack Bruce? He has a rolling one year contract so that needs paying up. My 8-10 match assessment is now 5-7 but now after being Heimlich resuscitated after choking on my post match chilli ? I think the 3rd wealthiest owners need to move quickly. Ranieri ??
  6. I’ll choke on my Chilli con Carne ? tonight if we don’t win this. Also interesting if Collins makes the grade( ok different topic). Sheff Wed will start defensively which will suit us with our customary slow start so hopefully when we warm up we won’t be chasing the game. Forrestieri is a big loss for them- seems every time a ‘dangerous player’ against us is highlighted they score. 3-1 Villa
  7. Nice quiet evening watching Villa. Should win but Rotherham have a discernible game plan which is worrying. Jack very quiet. Hourihane looks classy. Win here and v Sheffield Wed. Please.
  8. Ok so here we are 5 points off relegation but 5 off top. You have to allow for a bedding in of new players and a Fulham effect by Xmas- they were 9th and crap then were promoted. I would suggest 8-10 games from now before a Bruce guillotine. BTW we have the 3rd wealthiest owners in England. We are going to be massive soon and Bruce will be a memory.I will post in a told you so way in 2023 when we will be moaning why Man Shitty are out spending us and prawn sandwiches at Doug Ellis lack dill dressing as we take out PSG in the Champions League quarter final opining about our feeder clubs not looking after our prodigies as Chelsea used to before Roman was assassinated.
  9. Bruce says the turmoil of losing 6 players plus the near bankruptcy ( his words) of Villa- yes ceasing to exist after ov er 130 years- plus having to settle in5 new players leading to losing just one game so far is scant reason to get rid of him. He is correct.
  10. He was a good player for us, developing nicely but not the finished product. He crossed well and always gave 100%. Whoever he plays for he won't make the English team but will still trouser £10 million in his career, Bon chance,
  11. Weimann has gawn. Good luck to him but talk about OUR players?
  12. We should be Championshipophobic I believe. Can't we sell everyone and buy the entire Swansea team? Rename the club Aston Villelona.
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