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  1. Onward, Christian Benteke, marching on to score! Latching on to crosses, hear the Holte End Roar....
  2. Here's a little ditty..... When I was young, I had a nightmare The Villa played shit and were going nowhere Now here I am and the nightmare's true Thanks to that Ginger word removed from down the Blues....
  3. Have you tried a Grundfos, I used to work for a plumbers merchants until recently. The Grundfos watermill pump would provide 4.5-5 bar pressure compared to the 3.6 from the ESP... If that is too strong they would do something a bit lower.... just make sure your shower heads can take it, if the pressure is too high they can pretty much just fly off the wall. Grundfos are pretty decent, if you take the cover off the majority of boilers and look at the pump inside, you will find more often than not it will be a Grundfos so they are well thought off..... Never did get the fascination wit
  4. Iron Man would be a good one to change........ Plus the lay out is pretty simple so it would easier to get going
  5. Living up in Aberdeen I sometimes go and watch Aberdeen..... Last match i went to was V Celtic and the supporters sang this...... Sounds pretty good, could be an idea to adopt at the Villa (but a different song) a good catchy song that everyone knows. Rather than everyone trying to get their own creation.
  6. Considering he gets knackered in the second half surely the only song should be "Petrov... But only till halftime"
  7. Same tune as the Ashes one for Mitchell Johnson The Mackems he left On a cold Tuesday Ni-i-ight That boy from Tooting Thought Sunderland were shite
  8. Looking out the window now looks like watching interference on the tv........
  9. Snowing up here in Aberdeen like there is no tomorrow. Haven't seen a gritter since the first major snow we got back in November.
  10. Not sure of all the lyrics but just wondered, the coloured lad who lifts the bloke with the cap onto his shoulders...... Is that Charisma Agbonlahor
  11. How about another verse to the Paul McGrath song to be sang in honour of James Milner On the bench m'Lord On the bench On the bench m'Lord On the bench On the bench m'Lord On the bench Oh Milner's on the bench
  12. VT....... I might click on facebook once or twice to see if friends back in brum are on..... I can't stand stupid updates, i hate people who "like" their own comments...... my mates GF does this all the time, infact she "likes" every **** comment made....... one friend wrote "Having a bad day, friends have let me down badly, real gutted" and she "liked" the comment...... Also people giving themselves stupid nicknames....... A couple of examples i have seen on friends walls Gail "Keep It Real" Feeney Steve "Spliffy" Portman PRICKS!
  13. When this story first broke, i had a vision of the parents sitting on the sofa watching TV...... the fox enters, wearing a crombie and dark glasses and pops up behind the sofa as the parents are watching Britains Got Talent...... they sense something and turn round, but Mr Fox ducks down.......
  14. I'm with Rob on this one...... Something smells fishy........ And, in the words of Blackadder...... "I don't mean the contents of Baldricks apple crumble"
  15. Isn't the head coach of the lakers 50 wins and No defeats in playoffs where his team win the first game? In that case..... Lakers..... whitewash.
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