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  1. 3 minutes ago, Davkaus said:

    I'd consider NHS Trusts to blame for it in the same way I blame councils for raising council tax.

    Were there charges for NHS staff to park before 2010? There certainly weren't in Nottingham and Leicestershire. 

    I used to pay when I worked at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital in around 2000/2001 time

    It was only £1 all day though. Plus I could claim it back through my agency (I was on a short term contract there)

  2. 5 hours ago, bickster said:

    Wasn't it the Hospital Trusts themselves that started to charge staff to park their cars and not the government? As far as I'm aware its a Trust decision to charge, all the government is doing is withdrawing the subsidy they gave the Trusts to replace the income lost.

    I know funding from Government plays a huge part in this but essentially the decision to charge staff is the trusts alone isn't it?

    [Genuine question by the way as thats the way I'd always assumed it was]

    It is my understanding as well. The Trusts set the parking fees and can abolish them if they wish. The Government effectively paid the lost income of the parking fees to the Trusts during Covid.

    Looking at some data it shows in 18/19 the NHS Trusts made £272m (£86m from staff) in parking across 169 trusts.

    Its not a lot of money really compared to the what Rishi has been throwing from his magic money tree. 

    NHS Staff should absolutely not have to pay to park. 


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  3. 6 hours ago, Lichfield Dean said:

    John Lewis in Grand Central closing down.

    Complete disaster. To be honest, the store should never have been built there anyway. I always thought it smacked of dodgy bungs somewhere because I'm sure it was just randomly dumped on top of the station after the original designs had been done.

    Anyway, the current economic crisis has now left a huge gaping void in the glitzy showcase transport hub of Birmingham.


    6 hours ago, OutByEaster? said:

    Debenhams has gone in the Bullring too hasn't it.

    Holes appearing.


    Most people I know just don't want to go into Brum. I work there and shop elsewhere. Its great for pubs/bars and restaurants but i'd rather go to an out of town retail park to shop. Its easier. Free parking and more relaxed vibe. Brum city centre just feels way too moody for me nowadays. Shame, as I used to love going up there 15-20 years ago to shop. 

  4. 8 hours ago, Genie said:

    I can get a 5 year fixed rate deal at 1.34-1.39%

    Best 5 year variable rate is 1.59%, second best is 2.19%, best 3 year variable are 1.54% to 1.65%

    Why would I go for the variable? They may come down a little bit, but doesn’t seem worth it for the (small) risk they might go up a lot.

    I went variable for 2 reasons

    - Looking to move in the next 12 months 

    - May pay a huge chunk (perhaps 50%) off the mortgage if I don't 

    Going variable means I won''t be penalised

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  5. 10 minutes ago, sharkyvilla said:

    I never realised there is another Budweiser company, this one from Czechia.  I was skeptical when my mate said to try this dark lager by them but it's right up my alley.  By the way, I'm proud that after about 8 years on this site I've finally worked out how to put a picture into a post :lol:


    Both over 120 years old and they've always argued about the name. Budweiser (USA) is just called Bud in most of Europe. Both sell as Budweiser in the UK though

    Its like the whole Magners/Bulmers name thing. 

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  6. 6 hours ago, Follyfoot said:

    Sitting in the corner whilst simultaneously crying and masturbating with ‘Where ever I lay my hat that’s my home’ playing in the background on auto loop, 

    Sorry wrong thread 


    Are you watching me?

  7. 7 hours ago, Genie said:

    I used to buy fairly cheap (£3-4K) efficient (50mpg+) diesels as I do about 25k miles a year and try and get a couple of years out of them.

    Last year treated myself to a Kuga Titanium X for just under £11k and it’s lovely. Getting about 45/46mpg on a run but very pleased with the car in general. I’ll keep it until I’m taxed out of it probably.

    I tend to buy older cars but high spec versions of decent marques 

    Currently in a 13yo Audi A3. 3.2 engine, full aftermarket ICE install and only 52k miles on the clock. Not even worn in yet. I make sure its maintained properly and in theory it should last me a long time. 

    Previous car was a 11yo BMW 328 that I had for 9 years. Unfortunately a few mechanical issues led to its demise at 20yo. Had less than 90k on it when it was discarded. 

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  8. 7 hours ago, Seat68 said:

    Noisy and stays on for ten minutes after the ignition key is removed. The only positive is I can locate my car in a carpark by listening. 

    Pretty standard I think for some cars, especially French and German. Only usually when very hot though. 


  9. 1 hour ago, KenjiOgiwara said:

    How's the interest rates with you guys now? Are people on average doing fixed or adjustable?

    Like most Norwegian I've got an adjustable rate, but I think that's a deviation compared to most of the world. 

    I was close to going fixed interest earlier in the year, even got an offer on 2,5% for 10 years, but ended up not completing the contract. Now I've got an offer of 10 years 2,0% fixed. I think I might actually accept that offer. The risk reward seems very favourable. 

    I went with variable interest 1.59% over base for my recent remortgage. Fixed rates are sub 2% for shorter terms (depending on LTV). a 10 year fixed will cost more though - possibly closer to 3%

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