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Monte Carlo simulation (Round 13)



I want things to be stable, but not this kind of stable...

The good: Losing 4-0 to Everton didn't really hurt us.

The bad: It definitely didn't help us.

Our relgation chances stay the same, though the chances of finishing bottom increase somewhat.

17th 0.2% unchanged
18th 2.1% -1.4%
19th 10.2% -7.5%
20th 87.5% +8.9% Median, most likely
  1. Villa: 99.8% (unchanged)
  2. Sunderland: 89.8% (-6.2%)
  3. Bournemouth: 79.6% (-3.0%)
  4. Newcastle: 18.0% (+11.8%)
  5. Norwich: 8.5% (+3.2%)
  6. Swansea: 4.0% (+0.5%)
  7. Chelsea: 0.3% (-1.6%)
  8. West Brom: 0.1% (-3.8%)

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    • The Information Commissioner is due to apply for a warrant to raid Cambridge Analytica. Obviously as they've now been given a heads up, you can imagine any evidence the ICO doesn't have already is currently on fire. Also, Facebook have a presence at their offices right now. Which the ICO isn't happy about. CA is a tangled web and the connections between them and various players in the political upheaval we've seen in the past 2 years could be very interesting. The dangerous side of social media is going to be writ ever larger.
    • Finished S1 of The Chi It's really quite good without being fantastic. I recommend it, solid 7-7.5/10
    • Undoubtedly. It's pretty **** despicable, is what it is. 
    • Is it ever going to end?
    • So I would guess you’ve heard already but just in case you haven’t, it sounds like we can soon expect “Beast from the East 3 - Happy Easter Neil Warnock”. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.joe.co.uk/amp/news/when-will-it-end-beast-from-the-east-mk-iii-bringing-white-easter-forecasters-warn-168549
    • I imagine the Serbia one with the Russia flag in the stripes will bring some controversy 
    • Puma really going the extra mile to make their jerseys something special for each team.    
    • I got accosted in Gunsan, South Korea by a Mormon. I listened to him politely and then he told me his name was 'Elder Trumpet'. I laughed heartily, directly in his face, wished him the best of luck and then crossed the road to get away from him. 
    • Well err yeah, he did get a little bit wayward towards the end there @snowychap  Tiger aside, I thought it was a good finish to a decent tournament. Shame  Stenson dropped off, but you could just tell Rory was back to being Rory.   I'm not 100% convinced he can't get 'fully' back, even if only for a couple of years @Michelsen  It's early days, but I don't think physicality is going to be the issue. I found this interview with Rory from Jan of this year and There's some interesting quotes from him. if his back holds up, I think it'll come down to whether can he mentally become the player he was again, rather than physically.  This was after a practice round with Woods back on Nov.    https://tinyurl.com/ybyyfa98