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Funny Villa related images


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Hi mates, with the last competitive game played last May, we desperately need to re-start the season, don't we?

As a foretaste, why not to gather some funny (sometimes even bizarre) Villa-related images?

I have got a huge amount of these (many taken in occasion of the visits in Italy of the Villa delegation for the Latin Lions annual meetings), so I can start and wait for your contributes.

Ian Taylor and the Villa delegation behind the bar of my local pub, in Italy.


Tayls tasting grappa (a local pride), in a Venetian "baccaro" (bar).


Peter Withe surrounded by a group of adoring American girls in Piazza Santa Maria Novella, in Florence.


The celebration for the baptism of one of our mates'son in a restaurant called Villa (as you surely know, Villa is a Latin - now Italian - word, that means big, elegant country house).



Peter Withe with his lucky-charme number nine in the Fiorentina dressing room one hour before the kick off of Fiorentina Milan, for the Italian Serie A.

Casting out nines, as we say in Italy. . .


(to be continued)

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