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VT Award 2012


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Merry Xmas to all Villa supporters & VT Posters. I am pretty sure that we all need our VT fix throughout the year & especially so in times of trauma when our beloved claret & blue heroes are under performing & savagely being beaten.

I have created this thread as a bit of light hearted fun :):rolleyes:

The rules are simple. In reverse order, please nominate who? In your considered opinion, should receive the VT Poster of the year award for 2012.

Please note also NB NB ** - Only consider posters worthy of this award as I do not want this thread degenerating into the WORST POSTER as that can be opened in another thread if deemed appropriate by the MODS!

Therefore, deep breath, here goes:

In 3rd place, please step forward Woody Tom, the Villa Talk poster whose posts always provide the voice of reason .

In second place, and for his constant undying wit & wicked :crylaugh: & irreverent sense of humour please step forward Gareth RDR.

Finally, for his no nonsense bluntness & telling it like it is, please step forward & humbly collect your award as my VT Poster of the year Award 2012 :hooray: .......Crackpot Foriegner - The Wizard of Oz! :cheers: Happy New Year To All :cheers:

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