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By Blandy

Many readers of this fine site will know that the Club is very keen to both listen to and talk to supporters. The Club has set up a series of regular consultations, (Supporter Consultation Groups).

The first one is next saturday and Villatalk will be represented.

A couple of the more obvious candidates to attend were unavailable, so as a one off, I'm going.

I'm keen to represent all the posters and readers of VT as best I can and have been asked to take to the meeting VT's top three questions, ideas or suggestions.

This article is to canvas ALL VT members and readers for exactly those things, then.

If you follow the link "comment on this article" at the bottom, you can fire away with whatever is bugging you, pleasing you, or that inkling of an idea that you've been formulating to make things a bit better, smoother or different

So please, go ahead, type away and let us know what you think/want/like

Don't worry if you post the same as someone else - it'll help understand a priority order for things - as I said, time constraints mean that the top 3 issues will get raised this time, then next time the next three and so on.

All contributions will be gratefully recieved.

Thanks in advance, both to you and to the club for giving us the chance to pull together and be more involved in the way the club deals with us.

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1. As we have all heard there are rumours that the ground would be renamed in a sponsorship deal. The club have been quick to deny this as the new board are keen to preserve the history of the club. However in my view if renaming villa park generates a large amount if income for the club to spend on new players or renovating the ground then I don't think fans would object to renaming the ground (and I think a poll on this site proved that). It will still be villa park to us, who cares what skysports etc. call it.

Would the board be able to give any details about the sponsorship plans for the club, such as would a new deal be in place for next season? I understand this may be sensitive information.

2. The news that ron saunders will return to villa park is very welcome, as is the news that the board plan to have a villa museum built. Would the board be able to give any details on the completion date for this museum or any idea of its contents? My doctor tells me I need a photo of myself lifting a replica of the european cup a la Sir Dennis Mortimer and I think the villa musuem is the perfect place to achieve this (for health reasons of course).

3. When randy took over he stated that he plans to renovate the ground and increase its capacity. Would there be any details about this? As I understand it (correct me if I'm wrong) the previous "chairman" had secured planning permission for a 52,000 seat stadium when he rebuilt/vandalised the trinity road stand. Does the board plan to increase the capacity first or just renovate the current stands i.e. the North Stand and increase the capacity at a later date.

I am aware that there may not be specific answers to some/any of these questions but any info about them would be great.

Oh and tell them thanks!

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