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My W(a)ylla


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If you want to be responsible of the team selection (who wouldn't like to play his favourite footballers and drop on the bench the fat, lazy, overpaid players that don't show any committment for the club?); if you want to play a 4-3-3- formation with Supermark Albrighton, Dwight Yorke and Tony Morley upfront; if you want to choose tactics and formation; if you want to see the lads wearing your favourite kit and choose a good, old, traditional away kit; if you want to lift trophies with the claret and blue shirt; if you want to live again the magic atmosphere of English football in the 70's and the 80's, when men were men and footballers were footballers (and girls attended the cup final with the rosette); if you want to do this you have only two possibilities: you can either buy the club from Randy or have your own subbuteo Villa.

The second option is quite cheaper and gives you a lot of satisfaction.

For those (likely ) who are still keen on subbuteo, there are a lot of artisans that are able to do beautiful masterwork like these (to be continued).




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