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EURO 12 Ukraine & Poland Draw 5PM


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Today the draw begins.

Seedings for Euro 2012

Pot 1: Spain, Netherlands, Poland*, Ukraine*

Pot 2: Germany, Italy, England, Russia

Pot 3: Croatia, Greece, Portugal, Sweden

Pot 4: Denmark, France, Czech Republic, Republic of Ireland

seems quite tough but at least we miss the germans

Ideal group would be



greece (no offence my greek brothers!)


Death group





so this is going to be an interesting draw as two of the top seeds are not strong teams

Final preparations are taking place in Ukraine's capital, Kiev, as 16 nations including England and the Republic of Ireland await the Euro 2012 draw.

The ceremony will take place from 1700 GMT on Friday, with countries due to be drawn into four groups of four teams.

World and European champions Spain are in Pot One alongside the Netherlands and co-host nations Poland and Ukraine.

Pot Two consists of England, Germany, Italy and Russia, with the Republic of Ireland in the bottom group.

Giovanni Trapattoni's side sit alongside Denmark, the Czech Republic and France, while Croatia, Greece, Portugal and Sweden, who were recently beaten 1-0 by England in a friendly, make up Pot Three.

ENGLANDContinue reading the main story

BEST CASE SCENARIO? Poland, Greece, Czech Republic

WORST CASE SCENARIO? Spain, Portugal, France

It throws up the possibility that England and the Republic of Ireland could be drawn together in the same group, though Spain, Germany, Portugal and France are widely regarded to be the strongest teams of their respective pot seedings.

England manager Fabio Capello has made it clear who he wishes to avoid.

"Spain and Holland," he said. "After that there is also Portugal and France. These are the teams I would prefer to avoid in the group stage."

Capello is also hopeful of missing the Republic of Ireland and a confrontation with fellow Italian Trapattoni.

"The countries are close and also it would be two Italian managers, so I prefer not to be drawn with them," he added. "We cannot draw Italy as we are in the same pot, but this would be the same for me to face another Italian manager."

BBC Sport football pundit Mark Lawrenson agreed that Spain and Holland were the teams England wanted to avoid.

"You just take your chances with the rest," Lawrenson said. "There's a distinct possibility that England will end up in the same group as the Republic of Ireland.

"But I'm glad they can't get Germany because they have introduced more young players and have improved even more since the last World Cup.

"I seriously think England's biggest problem next summer will be themselves - they don't do tournaments very well. Their whole approach needs a complete rethink."

With the tournament split across two countries, location will be a big consideration for teams when their names are drawn.

England have already chosen the Polish city of Krakow as their base for Euro 2012, so would welcome being drawn in Group A, in which all matches will be staged in either Warsaw or Wroclaw, both of which are approximately 150 miles from England's base.

The other Group based in Poland is C, where matches will be staged in either Poznan (200 miles from Krakow) or Gdansk (300 miles away).

REP OF IRELANDContinue reading the main story

BEST CASE SCENARIO? Poland, England, Greece

WORST CASE SCENARIO? Spain, Germany, Portugal

The matches in Group B and D will involve longer journeys to Ukraine. The venues for Group B are Kharkiv (700 miles from Krakow) and Lviv (200 miles), while Group D is Kiev (540 miles) and Donetsk (930 miles).

The Republic of Ireland, having qualified through the play-offs, have yet to settle on a finals base.

Poland & Ukraine baby

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