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January 2009 'ITK' thread


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A week later than it should have been started, ut nonetheless, here it is. Any 'ITK' stuff will be moved here. Preferably, PM a mod and we will then post it here. Let us know if you want to remain anonymous.

First, from AndyClarke:

"Jones is top of the list just now because he is the best domestic striker available...

O'Neill is keen, the chief scout went to see him and they might just put in a massive offer.

Missed out on Defoe, losing out on Bellamy, went off Roque, Heskey going to Liverpool.

It could be about timing - major offer, Sunderland could be temped and the player might fancy going for the Champions League.

If they don't get him they will have to go abroad - and O'Neill does not like that risk."

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Hi John,

A little snippet I've heard from a 'Villa insider' (can't vouch for reliability) is that a deal for Jones has been struck - he'll still be a Sunderland player on Saturday, but will sit out the match, and the deal will be finalised afterwards...

Probably miles out, but the mad speculation keeps us ticking over eh?

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In the summer we went in for Doyle but were quoted 10 mill of which we said not interested but maybe the way prices are going we will end up going back in for him say 8 mill .

Heskey according to Spink and Bertchin they believed he was off to us in Jan but seems Liverpool have edged us out . No one from Villa confimed that story .

For me I think our first choice is Doyle but wouldn't mind Jones he has all the attributes of a MON player .

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David-Copenhagen from the same jounalist as AndyClarke

Kenwyne Jones is the best around in that market right now - it might take a lot of money but Villa have it and O'Neill likes players with Premier experience.

If they don't get him they will have to go abroad.

Bellamy is going to be too dear...£10 million plus £80,000-a-week wages.

Defoe fancied Spurs.

Roque is not worth the money...and wants to go to Man City.

Owen NOT been mentioned...I don't think he is Martin's type.

He loves Heskey but the big chap fancies Liverpool.

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from Skippertheeyechild

I know is pretty much 95% fudging bull plop... But i have heard a rumor of a loan deal with Real Madrid for Saviola. Just thought it might be interesting to throw this one out there as i dont think its been mentioned before and seems strange as to why someone would make this rumor up without any reason.

VT says - the reason these are made is so the author can see how far (and how quick) they travel. Some people even make a living out of making up total 'fudging bull plop' :)

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This isn't a 'in the know answer' by the way. Met stan petrov at the sushi bar with his kids in Selfridges tonight. Very nice guy and my dad knows him through property contracts too. I said everyones loving him this season and he says hes loving it too etc. I said cheekily any transfers? He stated 'errrr Martin had told me that Kenwyne Jones is a possibility right now but he definitely wants two players in this window. Good times.

I'm afraid it is claiming to be 'in the know'

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I am not one to really post or take much notice to the usual rumour mill on transfers concerning Villa, however, I thought it only apt to share this story/rumour with you all.

A friend of mine, who is also in the Army, happens to be a good friend of Neil Lennon..

My friend, who incidentally has no links to Villa, he is a Glentoran fan, was out having a couple of drinks with Lennon last Thursday in Belfast.

Talking as they were, my friend got onto the subject of Celtic and what their chances were of taking the SPL title this season.

They got around to talking about the current Celtic team and their strengths and weaknesses.

As they chatted, Scott McDonalds name came up, to which Neil Lennon informed my friend, "It looks like Scott might be on his way out of Celtic, he is having talks with Aston Villa at the moment and could be gone in this window."

Now, as I have said earlier, I am not really into rumours and usually only pay lip service to the media regarding our transfers, only believing we have signed someone when there is a press confrerence and the player is stood shaking hands with the manager with a Villa shirt with his name on the back.

I just thought I would share the above with you all...

Has anyone actually heard or seen a rumour/link that mentions we might be out to sign Scott McDonald anywhere? If the above does actually become common knowledge, would McDonald be a good signing?

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Well everyne has been wrong so far.


A former colleague has just rung me who has a strong contact with a guy at Porsche who in turn is big pals with Steve Bruce. This contact has met with SB today & has been told that the Heskey deal is done & he is off to the Villa in this transfer window as Villa have offered a fee for him now rather than risk losing him in the summer.
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I know its my first post but i can verify this story is true. My mate trains at the David Lloyd Gym by me with someone who is high up inside the finance team at the villa and she has raised the funds to pay for heskey tomorrow. She said he will be signing tomorrow. If this is wrong then my mate is a word removed for making me look a prat with my first ever post
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I know a journalist who has it on good authority that we have enquired about Ben Watson of Crystal Palace. Middlesbrough have had a £2million bid accepted and Watson is ready for talks with Boro but it is believed that Villa are ready to offer a similar offer to Palace but try tempt him here with a higher wage and the possibility of Champions League football.

Villa believe that he could be a worth while addition to the squad and we are willing to offer anything up to £2.5m, apparantly.

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The other thread has been locked so posting on here spoke with someone at Villa last night after game they are not expecting anybody else in which was exactly the same as they told me last Friday . I mentioned that Little Aston have got three medicals booked in by Villa for today and tomorrow ( rumour source Villa scout ) and said it was nothing to do with new signings ! There is nothing on the boil at the moment was the exact words !

Then at 10.45pm from somebody outside of Villa telling me the tip is Sol Campbell coming in as cover for rest of season , personally can't see that but from a creditable source but just can't see it .

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