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January 2009 'ITK' thread


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Just had this off a pal who was with me yesterday I was a little bit the worse for wear but he remined me of things said

' Good to see that the Villa have got the news on Birchy on the website straight away. O'Neil still trying to sign someone before the deadline as well as Downing. cant remember who told me ,, heard that Shorey may go to Boro and we would get Huth as part of the deal. No more on Sturridge !

Just in case you forgot Bouma is only weeks away ,playing another game behind closed doors this week and should be fit for Chelsea game.He said he aches all over after playing at the moment so just needs to get his fitness levels up.He also said Carew has rushed back and isn't 100% fit ,l suppose the arrival of Emile Heskey will have something to do with that '


Steve Staunton was at the same venue and he confirmed about Delph but said the lad was going through the billy big time routine !

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