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You are being watched by...........


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Saw an interesting article if the Daily Rag about CCTV Camera's.

Iwas amazed, but not surprised that of the top places in the world to have camera's on a per person basis, China fills 27 of the top 30 slots.

Who are the other 3 that make that top 30 you might ask????

Well........in third place is London.....with 67.5 cameras per 1000 people, behind only Wuxi, China (92.4 cameras/1000ppl), and Taiyuan, China, (119.6 cameras / 1000 ppl)

London also has the 3rd most cameras by number for any city in the world, with 627,700 cameras.

blimey guv, we obviously live in 1984 fo real.


Ever feel like you're being watched? Fascinating graphics reveal how London's whopping 627,707 CCTV cameras compare with other cities around the world


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