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Match day programmes - Help!


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Hi All,

(Message my brother asked to post as he cant reset password)

I am trying to get hold of 2 match day programmes from recent seasons. I have a 4 year old Daughter and 1 year old son and quite amazingly, given the years they were born 2016 and 2019, they were both born on a Villa game day that we won.

18/10/16: Reading 1 - Villa 2 (also our first away win in a long long time)

25/11/19: Villa 2- Newcastle 0.

I appreciate the away game may be a stretch but does anyone have copies of these programmes I could purchase?

I have tried Reading directly and one of their supporter groups with no success.

Any support would be greatly appreciated.

@Mods: please move if there is a more appropriate place for this, but it is Villa related.

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10 hours ago, Davkaus said:

Indeed, the NEwcastle one is on there right now. No sign of the Reading one, but I imagine give it a few months and one will turn up.

Cheers guys - I’d been searching eBay but the Newcastle one hadn’t been on. Just seen it which is great.

tried lots of sites for reading just can’t find it. Thanks for help tho.

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