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Premier League clubs revenue/turnover


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I'm intrigued how much revenue the top clubs bring in vs the non top-6 clubs and why.

Using 18/19 as a regular pre-covid example year, and ignoring Man Utd and Liverpool as two clubs who have a truly global reach...

Man City - £503m, Chelsea - £448m, Arsenal - £389m   then a massive drop to:

Everton - £189m, Newcastle - £178m, West Ham - £177m


So a well-run club like Everton (and hopefully where Villa will shortly be) bring in almost £200m, yet a club like Chelsea bring in £450m.

That's £250m extra.    Even if Champion League brings in an extra £50m, where is the other £200m coming from?

Is it even possible for a club like Everton or Villa to ever completely close this gap?





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I can't access the Twitter on this computer, but if you want some reading then look on there for swiss ramble (possibly @SwissRamble from memory).

Or mooney that twitter handle and then click images.

In essence the Champions league is Key - Not just because the money is shared out based on population of the nation - so English teams get more than (say) Belgian teams, and because of the profile and hence merchandising and sponsorships the Clubs with that massive exposure get. A few year's worth of competing in Big Euro telly league and the turnover absolutely rockets.

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