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Five Ken McNaughts

Hello all

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Been watching Villa since the end of the 1984-1985 season. A 3-0 win over Sheffield Wednesday was my introduction. Paul Rideout, Brendan Ormsby and an Allan Evans penalty. Amazing to recently discover there were only 18,000 there. Seemed like a hell of a lot to my younger self! In any case, it was enough to have me hooked. Especially as the whole winning malarkey seemed like such an effortless business…

Over the years my own attendance levels have fluctuated depending on what’s been happening in my life. These days, I’m happy to once again be making it to the majority of home games and the occasional away jaunt (though tickets for the latter are going to be tough this season).   

Best Villa Park experiences include knocking Spurs out of the League Cup while in Division Two, the semi-final shootout win against Tranmere, and the opening day 3-1 win against Man United’s golden boys in 1995 (especially that three-goal first half blast). Most disappointing Villa Park experiences… too many to mention. But somehow that day at Wembley a couple of months ago made everything worthwhile.

Wasn’t sure what to call myself on here, so went for a line from my favourite ever Villa chant.

I look forward to posting.


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