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Dear Randy


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Dear Randy,

Back in 2006, a 'nagging sense of inevitability' forced me to accept that you were the only person to take ownership of our club. Having had extensive experience of working for American Corporations/Billionaires I had severe doubts and frankly did not like your tactics when you were in the process of buying the club. Over the course of several months I met with various individuals and groups who wished to buy Aston Villa but the Lerner bandwagon was unstoppable.

Behind the scenes your PR machine rubbished the alternative bids, and persuaded various high profile fans that you and your money were the next Villa 'Revolution'. Any dissent or alternatives were dismissed. Those that championed 'Ellis Out' or published books were 'on board' and the debate was over. At the time i was personally mocked and criticised for backing other horses.

Recently when I proposed "Out the Door on 74" v Everton, I am told that your lackey Steve Hollis met with some of said 'high profile' fans and gave them the inside track. It wasn't therefore unsurprising that some of the former high profile Villa protestors were critical of OTDO74. One made a distinct point of stating online that he would be staying for the full 90 minutes. Another refused to back OTDO74, said it was premature and that we should wait till the end of the season. I don't doubt said individuals love for the Villa but I do think their heads were turned.

Guess what Randy? Despite all your money, influence, power etc etc ultimately it counted for **** all. I doubt those that have backed you for the last ten years have been 'romantically nourished' either. They backed the wrong horse!


Mike McKenna



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