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new transfer rules


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surley this will hit the lower teams alot harder than the big clubs? a player becomes good, a top club comes in and pays a pittance to buy out the rest of his contract and nick him in the next window. Leaving the club without any real money to reinvest in new players.


so lets say benteke was on 40k when we signed him (no idea how much he got paid really and cant be bothered looking it up) with four years left on his contract someone could have bought him for 8m


say you get a youthplayer on 15k, young, turning good and have a cracker of a season, at the end of the season there 2 years left on his contract and someone buys him for 1.5m


they are arguing that they want the same rights as all the other workers in the EU, but they are not like anyone else though are they? you play at the top level different roules apply, same as in business, most CEO's will have a non-compete clause saying they cant join a competitor for the next year or so after they quit.

it just feels like man city, chelsea, barca and so on will be able to pick up players for what is essentially no money at all for them, leaving the lower clubs without any real chance of catching up or recover as as soon as they will get another good player they will get pinched for 5m. Real just bought bale for 80(?)m thats 10 bentekkers.

Clubs would have to sign players on alot higher wages or alot longer contracts, imagine having hutton on a 10 year deal.


its probably along way off but it sounds like there are some issues to sort out first.. anyways i just thought it sounded daft, discuss!

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can a well meaning mod change the typo in the topic? :)

Can't win with some folk. Keenan gets bullets for spelling things correctly now we don't want it ;-)

On a serious note. Disgusting story.

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