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  1. Like a parrot taking the piss out of us now. "There or thereabouts"' "Roll up their sleeves" "Makings of a decent team" "gelling together" "never easy..." do we have a bingo on one of those bingo cards that were making the rounds this week?
  2. Basygh

    Keinan Davis

    https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2016/12/16/davis-signs-new-deal seems like you're right
  3. I've had a shit day and need to let some of it out. I wasn't happy with the appointment of Bruce. I could however see the reason behind it. He was proven at this level and have been promoted several times. He seemed like a good fit for the task at hand. I also knew that we wouldn't see beautiful football. I was hoping for wins, no matter what they looked like. In 42 matches, he's won 59 points with a win ratio of 38,1% and 1,4 points per match. Bringing that up to 46 matches we get 66 (64,5) points. Last season that would have put us in 10th and an average position of 10th the last six years. You need close to 90 points, or 2 points per match to get automatically promoted. He's actually closer to half of what you need. The end of last season was shit. 1 win in 6 and the trend continues this year with 1 win in 7. That means 2 wins in the last 13. In what world is that okay? Yes, I know it is a new season but the performance and tactics is absolutely unacceptable. It's as shit now as it was last season. I said before I wasn't happy with the appointment and it's gotten so far that I feel hatred when I think about him. I can't stand the man any longer. I'm sad it has gotten this far and I'm afraid I won't be able to let it go. It's insane to feel this way, I know. I'm not sure he can win me over, I just want to see him gone and never hear from him again. Maybe I'm just crazy.
  4. He's pissing on the backs of the fans and pretends that it is raining.
  5. Basygh

    Scott Hogan

    They are not unable to pass each other. The tactic the last two games from Bruce was "hoof it and pray for something to happen". You could see just before grealish got his second yellow they passed very well and created a great chance. It's just Bruce being negative. Hope he doesn't continue with this shit.
  6. Dr Tony actually answered that a week ago or so!
  7. Basygh

    Carles Gil

    After the Southampton game, I'd swap Gil for N'Zogbia against Burnley. I think Gil and Grealish could be great behind Benteke.
  8. Jesus Christ! All those chances for hull there! How did the ball not get in????
  9. I just checked and we had 17 draws under McLeish, and just 7 wins. Crazy.
  10. Hey-llo. I actually registered here about 4 years ago, and just found this Welcome Forum part. I've just been lurking around here for 4 years without noticing it. Insane, I know. I'm a Finn by blood but born in sweden in the year 1989. I found my interest in Villa through Olof Mellberg and the Football Manager games. Been following the team for about 10 years now. I've never been to see a game live, but it will happen. Soon. I think.
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