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  1. These were added at 5pm when the season ticket holder window opened tried checking out 30 mins later and was kicked out
  2. Had 3 in basket ...with 60 mins to check out ...went to checkout with 30 mins left (waiting for mate to get back to me ) to then be told tickets unavailable ...what’s the point of having a timer on ya basket if they don’t honour it ?
  3. Apparently a new thing club introducing
  4. Been sent a letter been chosen at random to pick mine up from away ticket office with ID .. no ID no ticket ..1st steps to prevent fans from selling on ?
  5. Anyone received their tickets yet ?
  6. IOWVillan


    Has to sell out 1st before season ticket can be sold back to club
  7. Hi ...any other brummie Isle of Wighters on here ? Moved down here over 20 years ago try to get to at least 6-7 games a season .
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