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  1. with all due respect whilst you understand business and are very well respected gentleman you dont understand football. Doug had his knockers but he would have got rid after thst farcical liverpool game.... go ask his advice.
  2. General. passionate words about going to war however, the board need to open their eyes or we are going down.
  3. I'd rather have baldeep singh who runs my local newsagenta as gaffer at the moment. I know he'd have more nouse not to pitch a young midfielder at centre half against a very decent striker in doyle and i know he wouldnt play a striker who has a more than decent goals to game ratio on the wing where he couldnt go past me.
  4. decent wolves team? wolves are in the bottom 3 and they beat us easy. They had two goals disallowed and kept the ball whislt we chased shadows. Hennesey didnt make one save, i can remember youngs chance and makouns header and that was it. There is no way we should be losing to teams like wolves at home
  5. Good Evening Sir. Should we stay up (a tough ask under the idiot we have at the helm) how many season tickets have you projected for sale? If we stop up i assume GH will be given a full 2nd season in which case I can see a dramatic declinr in season tickets sale this summer. Myself and the 5 people i go with renew under that clown and that is the general consensus in the aston social club pre game, i can see max 15k season tickets sold. Get of this incompetent clown tomorrow, he sits on the bench like an old man waiting for the bus. No passion, no heart, no tactics, no tact, no players behind him, no f**king idea. I was also one of the poor souls who took half a day from work, spent the money on petrol and ticket for me and my son to watch villa reserves in the cup. Im so upset, he is ruining my beloves club, ruining it, do you realise what this clubs means to me? generations of my family have walked down trinity road to watch my team, that guy is a cancer destroying everything my club has stood for. Get him out!!!!!!!
  6. Tell me how you know this. He has worked for them for years, maybe he is just fulfilling his duties. I dont understand why people cant wait 1 week for him to come instead of questioning his integrity
  7. Yes we all understand that, however what none of us seem to know (including Houllier and the board) is just when the bloke will be released and when he will be in post - do you find that acceptable? Houllier himself said he would be over for the Bolton match and then muttered something about the Wolves game ..total shambles. Surely if we are paying him circa £8m then surely we could have greased the FFF palms to secure his release? 8million? How many jobs have you had where you just walk out after you are successful in another. Look, its 1 maybe 2 weeks. I dont know why people find this so hard to understand.
  8. Which bit of "he is under contract with FFF" dont you understand.
  9. He's contracted to the FFF why is it people cant read or watch his press conference. Its not his choice what is it about this that people cant get into their skulls
  10. This thread is farcical to the point of being funny. Some people have some strange opinions....
  11. This is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Why do people believe everything they read then as soon as the manager speaks, immediately misquote him
  12. Article in mail, got to tie up lose ends in france. He also said he sees us, historically, as a club that finishes between 7th and 12th
  13. Mods please please reopen the manager thread we cant have 666 its bad luck
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