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  1. RDM and his staff wouldnt let Stan join the training if was not fit enough. He has been training with U21 since april, so I so I am sure they know his status before he joined. No coach want players in training that cant keep up. As we can see on @jamaicanvillans pic he looks very fit. I am confident that the staff who follow him everyday is good judges
  2. How many have seen the game? No one on this forum i think? But lots of opinions from photos, which tell us nothing. Gregg Evans on Bham Mail saw the game and was impressed, although Stan still not fully fit. Jugde from what you see, not from what you think but dont know.
  3. "Italian goalkeeper excited at opportunity to join ‘glorious’ Aston Villa" http://7500toholte.sbnation.com/2016/7/6/12105532/italian-goalkeeper-excited-at-opportunity-to-join-glorious-aston-villa Aston Villa target Pierluigi Gollini was cornered by Italy’s Sky Sport in an airport today and for those who can speak Italian, he dropped a few gems in the following interview. Italian? I can’t speak it myself, but I’m fortunate enough to work with someone who can. Michele Pasquali of the AC Milan Offside stepped in to help me out with the language barrier. He took a look at the video and was able to reveal some exciting information. ‘It seems that Gollini, who played at Hellas Verona last season, signed with Aston Villa. He said he's happy to join such a "glorious" (literally) club and he thinks it's a great opportunity for him to play for them. Also, it seems that Verona wanted him to stay but they couldn't reach an agreement so he was happy to agree to Di Matteo's offer.’
  4. So he will be ready for us when we are top 3 in Europe:-)
  5. The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. It is lot of talk here ablout players thats not better then what we already have, just because they have som light moments in the Euro2016. Gunter is one, Robson-Kanu is another. Lot of the Iceland players are quit avarage in the swedish leageu, but all of a sudden stars. See how they play day out and day in in their leagues. And why they ae playing in the leagues they do
  6. We got an international right back already. If Scotland was i Euro2016 Hutton would have played. I dont think Gunter is better
  7. Guzan is doin very well in Copa America and USA plays semifinal against Argentina and Guzan is the main reason. Last year we had crap management and most players lost confidence. I will trust RDM and his team-
  8. We have better options in Sweden then Antonsson
  9. We all got different opinions on what we need coming season. No need to get abusive on opinions you dont share. What many are doin is playing fantasy football with Dr Xia money. It can be fun, but we must realize we are all a bunch of happy amatuers. I put my trust in RDM and his team and i am sure we will have a good competitive team when the season start, without flooding money "Sheik City" way
  10. What about this Naranjo? http://www.eurosport.co.uk/football/jose-naranjo_prs365790/person.shtml
  11. Its clear that no matter who the new manager will be, there will be lot of moaners among villa fans, because we are "a big club"
  12. Maybe Moyes wasnt first choice and got a way to save face?

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