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Reserves vs. Portsmouth : Villa Park 7.00pm Tuesday


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By OutbyEaster

I was going to call this “New signing at Villa Park†to try and lure some of the sleepier of you in, but I don’t think that’s really necessary.

Welcome to the first home game of the season.

No, really. This is our first home reserves game of the season. We’ve had four or five ties postponed, cancelled or moved for the weather, other teams sickness, and God knows what else. But this is it, we’re on.

Tuesday night; 7.00pm at Villa Park.

Why not come along, if you’ve never been to a reserve game before you’re in for a treat.

For starters, “New signing at Villa Park†isn’t a lie, this should be your first chance to clap eyes on our only signing of this transfer window to date, Phil Bardsley in his first ever appearance in the famous Claret & Blue.

Who knows, in ten years time when he’s playing his testimonial against a world XI at the same venue as a Villa legend, you might be able to say, “I was there.†Or more likely you’ll be able to annoy that bloke in the pub by saying “Actually his first appearance wasn’t against Watford it was for the reserves earlier in the week.â€

Whatever. The point is this is where great players start their footballing careers.

I’ve been lucky enough to see players like Vassell, and Moore build up from scrawny kids to first team players. I’ve seen Hadji score the best hat-trick I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve seen Ridgewell and Cahill together for years.

What’s more, we’re good. We won the league a couple of years ago, and we’re always worth watching.

Against Portsmouth there’s every chance we might see Luke Moore on the comeback trail, Sutton even, maybe Martin Laursen too. Plus the next generation of Villa stars; Olejnik in goal, and players like Lund, Stieber, the Bellons (Don’t worry, unlike the Djemba’s they are two separate players.), McGurk, and England under-16 goalscoring sensation Nathan Delfuenso.

These players do exist outside of Championship manager, come and have a look.

Stop moaning about value for money for that season ticket and make it pay, entry is always free for season ticket holders, and only two pounds for everyone else. Cheap as chips.

Where else can you see these players for this money?

You can even have a gawp at the celebs and hangers on in the VIP section in the middle of the Trinity Road Stand. You can generally catch sight of a handful of former players; other teams managers, powerful Americans and potential signings having a little look round. Sometimes a little old man in a pork pie hat wanders around and I shout at him.

An almost empty Villa Park is a beautiful thing when it’s all lit up for a night match, and it’s an interesting thing to be able to hear the players talking to each other. It also means that they can hear you, so if you’ve ever fallen out with one of Portsmouth’s reserves, now’s your chance to let him know all about it.

Come on, what have you got to lose?

Keep the General happy, fill the Trinity Road stand and keep me warm. It’s a welcome break from worrying about what £10m buys you nowadays.

You might just see a Villa team playing a brand of football you haven’t seen since the long distant past.

You might even see the future.

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Nice post Scott.

Actually, come to think of it, the club mentioned that they wanted to promote reserve games via independent sites like VT (we said of course we would, just let us know the details and anything else you want to add..). Don't think they've got round to it yet, which is a shame, but your post does it beautifully.

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