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Positives from Sunday


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By avfcinwales

We got a point away from home against the league's form team, with the sort of team that last season would have been Wigans 6th win on the trot - Incredible.

Osbourne's header hit the bar and came out, last season it would not have.

Sorensen came out missed and the ball dropped down into his hands, last season it wouldn't.

After the match O'Neill admitted he was grateful for a point we might not have fully deserved and today he criticised our away form as not good enough.


He puts out a team with 7 kids from the academy plus a half dead has been and an inadequately performing striker and we still get a point, superb!

Sutton has been was class, I don't know how he's doing it I don't really care, I never expected he'd do it but he has, score another point Martin, brilliant!

We have two home matches coming up, last season if we'd done as well as this it would mean two defeats, wonder what will happen this time?

Last positives, new CEO due this week, can't wait, hope he's immense, knows UK Soccer, is UK based and continues in the way the General has, so well, liaising with the net based fan, can't wait, roll on Saturday!

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very well said Malc........ begrudgingly

I hope we go on to win major honours under Martin O'Neill (and so do you.... begrudgingly)

Oh it is this time of year nearly.......HUMBUG.

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