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Squad depth?


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Depends how you define 'fine'?

For once we seem to have numbers in the squad so you could argue that bare all but the worst injury crisis we have cover form what would now be classed as the first team squad.

Do we have the right quality throughout that squad, well it depends what you expect. Realistically we're nowhere near the level of having a quality back up for every position like the top 3 or 4 because we dont pay the wages and we're not winning anything. Our good players are going to want to be playing and those that think they should be playing wont hang around for long if a team in a similar position to us will give them a game.

IMO for a team that (rightly or wrongly) struggled to stay in the league last season, has a new manager and is enforcing a reduction in the overall wage expenditure our squad is about as 'fine' as it can be. Still some unknowns that may be our next Ash Young and still some players that need tiime to settle into the club and the manager's way of doing things.

Despite the 4-1 loss to Southampton (who aren't as bad as their early form would indicate) I honestly dont think we'll be anywhere as bad as last season. The squad whilst largely unknown or unproven fills me vastly more confidence than the one AMc had at his disposal and ther majority would seem to think Lambert as more of a clue on how to utilise it effectively.

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