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Glad (it's) All Over


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What a nonsense! Sorry to say this but what the hell is this about? Players love to play in Europa League, dont forget Europa League is still big outside maybe English and Spanish competition. Premier League is full of talented players all over the world, watching all kind of games. Dont forget you get the same amount of points in EL either. Aston Villa, if you end up 4th or higher, will go into into the CL with a lousy amount of points, being unseeded every single round! And watch the groups. Sevilla, Glasgow Rangers, Stuttgart and Unirea, and now this group. Panathinaikos, Galatasaray, Dinamo Bucharesti and Sturm Graz. You know the answer already, but without watching the draw. Could you tell which one the CL group is and which one the EL group is? I couldnt tell you...

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