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Villa Cash


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Don't miss out on spending your current Villa Cash - with just one day remaining until the deadline.


All 2014/15 Villa Cash balances will expire at 6pm on Friday.


There will be strictly no exceptions to this expiry date.


There are plenty of ways to spend any remaining Villa Cash - including 2015/16 season tickets, new training wear, summer soccer schools as well as tours and events to name just a few things.


You can also use Villa Cash to snap up your new 2015/16 kits - unveiled in B6 last week.


After 6pm on July 31, all 2014/15 balances will be cleared and 2015/16 season ticket holders, corporate members and box holders will be issued their start-up balance by 9am on Saturday August 1.


Any season ticket holders/corporate members/box holders for 2014/15 who have Villa Cash 'pending' on July 31 and have renewed their season ticket/corporate membership for 2015/16 will have this Villa Cash added to their 2015/16 balance on the relevant date after August 1.


For example, if a 2014/15 season ticket holder has renewed their season ticket for 2015/16 and makes a purchase in-store on July 31, they will have the corresponding Villa Cash earning added to their new 2015/16 balance 28 days later - August 27.


Any pending Villa Cash that is attributed to 2014/15 season ticket holders who have not renewed their season ticket by July 31 will become void after 6pm on that date.


If you are unsure if you have any Villa Cash on your balance, please CHECK HERE.


Full terms and conditions of Villa Cash scheme can be found by VISITING HERE.


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Doubt they would do that. If a £20 t-shirt costs villa £10 to purchase, the net cost to villa is £10 when you use villa cash.

Donating £20 to acorns will cost them £20.

Its a great idea but if they start doing that it could cost them more than they budgeted.

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