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  1. The official site states that block P10 I open for new season ticket applications. This is the upper Deadly stand where the away fans normally go! Alarmingly a lot of the seats surround the “ Vomitorium”..................
  2. I’ve got a tenner on Villa win at 10 - 1 with Sky Sports.
  3. Trevor Hockey Jeff Vowden, John Sleuwenhoek.............
  4. Aah go on, go on,,go on. Pauline McGlynn , Ms Doyle from Father Ted.
  5. hansardtony


    Book yourselves into the Majeski Hotel which is next to the ground. Can’t wear a shirt but the beer prices aren’t too bad. You can also have a drink immediately after the game.
  6. He always finishes with clean shorts.....must be sponsored by Daz.
  7. He touched the ball 4 times in 60 minutes! Amazingly he almost scored when he got a flick following a Samba header. Ready for the first team - no chance.
  8. Elphicks performance last night was appalling. Shouting insults at Steve Bruce and pretending to take his captains armband off in the first half were the actions of an asrsey 12 year old. I was astonished he returned for the second half. He then compounded everything by getting himself sent off - he seemed to deliberately contrive this. I was reminded of Alpay years ago and the tantrum he threw at VP - Alpay never again played for us. I hope the same is true of Elphick.
  9. With the mix of youth and experience in our squad, we have by fat the best team in the championship. Now that they're gaining better fitness the results will come. I'm happy that we'll be promoted by seasons end. Let's all support Steve and the team.
  10. The way he handed his shirt to a kid at the end of the match spoke volumes. Methinks he's off.
  11. hansardtony

    John Terry

    You do get your stake back.
  12. hansardtony

    John Terry

    The shorter the price the more likely he is to join.. so 4 - 7 suggests 7 times in 11 he'd join. 30 - 100 suggests 10 times out of 13. It's looking good, especially for all of us who had a punt at 4 - 1 last week i.e. Place £50 win £250.
  13. hansardtony

    John Terry

    Paddy power just gone 30 - 100 from 4 - 7 to join us.
  14. So sorry to hear this news.....RIP
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