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A Marathon, Not a Sprint


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maqroll's perspective

As this board becomes more and more clogged with hand-wringers, I think it's wise to step back, remember where we were just 18 months ago, and take a measured look at what's going on at Villa Park.

I'm beginning to realize that these tentative steps into the transfer market are suggestive of what are the early stages of a well concieved, drawn out master plan for the club. They appear to be buying young, British, relatively cheap players who will want to fight for their place in the team.

With more promising youngsters like Osbourne, Gardner, the Austrian twins, this young Dutch kid they snatched up, and a generally robust youth system intact, the foundation is being laid for sustained success in the future.

A fiscally prudent approach might be the appropriate course for O'Neill right now. If he can establish a competetive side that shows marked improvement over this upcoming year, throw in a few more quality signings, we'll be off and running. Not challenging for the league or the CL, but building a side similar to Man U circa early 90's, and we know how they turned out. And in time, the top draw players will start to sign for us, as needed, just like United did things, when they bought Cantona to augment the strong side already in place.

Maybe bringing in a Bent or Keane or Defoe would have kept Luke Moore from fulfilling his potential, which I believe is huge. And Gabby has a nose for goal unlike any Villa forward in a long time. Why sit him, when he was so good for us? We have money for another RB, which looks to be sorted soon. I'm sure one or two more decent players will come in by September, and then we'll sit back and enjoy the ride.

I fully expect Villa to continually improve. The style of play will be fast and direct, the fans will flock back to VP, revenue will increase, player expenditure will go up, and the upward cycle will go on. Will an 8th place finish and no trophies be disappointing? Without question. But I think we will experience some growing pains as we reaquaint ourselves with the giants of English Football that we are. The glory days will be back, it's just going to take longer than we want. But it will happen. Onward and upward, and Up the Villa!

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I think this is a much needed post and a good one. The thing that it highlights that I like the most is Villa's youth system - just how successful our youngsters can be is yet to be seen and, yes I am biased as a Villa fan but, I strongly believe that these guys have the potential to realise our eventual dominance as a footballing force both domestically and in Europe.

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What people are missing are the hidden positives that have been abscent in many past seasons.

We are no longer a selling club - we have no fear of our best players moving on to pastures new.

We have no wantaway moody stars.

We have a depth of youth for the first time in decades.

We have local competition to compete with.

We have no players moaning in the press.

We are not being linked with players way past their peak. (Schmiekel/Ginola etc etc).

try and enjoy being a Villa fan for once, we have loads to look forward to!

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