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  1. crap pole as most dont want him at our club he aint fit to wear the badge oh and if capeelo loves him let he be his gardener
  2. who shouls mon pick in his team first choice
  3. who thinks mon was right to sell cahill
  4. 90percent home 75 percent away find the away fans much more vocal
  5. mon is a good manager so good he isnt telling us the full situation . i think the global recession has squeezed the learner spending power and he cant afford the big money signings and wages . mon also suits learner bringing young lads in and over acheiving hence making a profit
  6. who would you like to see come in as a centerback before the window closes
  7. please see the title of the thread. No transfer questions. limpid
  8. i have my concerns Why did we sell cahill what a joke playing out of his skin at bolton and better than any c/b we are currently looking at why cant mon get top draw players is it learner or mon it has to be answered
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