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  1. change warnock to shorey and then Shorey for Delph. he has a sweet left foot and plays with freedom
  2. i'd guess we'll play 4-5-1 for a lot of games this season, we may change personel game by game though we should pick and choose game by game. nobody should be guaranteed a start anymore, its a squad game and we have to use our options
  3. Personally, I too believe Barry was by far our best player and there is a huge Barry shaped hole in our midfield at the moment BUT Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on the matter.
  4. I may be alone in thinking this, but ... If we'd have started the game last night with a 4-5-1 formation I reckon the stay awayers would've gone into internet meltdown. We needed to win the game, we needed to score goals, the only reason 4-5-1 worked before is because the opposition (lets take Liverpool as a recent example) were attacking US, the onus was on them to have a go as they were the home team Rapid had absolutely no need to do that, if we'd played 5 in the middle they'd have just kept the ball even more and passed it amongst themselves Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but for
  5. I'd have thrown Kilgallon in there as a back up option
  6. I've always distinguished fans as casual followers who come and go and supporters as just that, supporting the team by going and giving them support
  7. apologies if this has been done before, just thought i'd do a quick poll to see what kind of mixture of Villa supporters/fans we have on here day in day out
  8. You shouldn't word your posts as if you speak for everybody mate. The recent polls on O'Neills tenure have shown a MASSIVE backing from the supporter base and we're not all impatient types who forget quickly
  9. well you really are Mr Patience! fancy waiting all of 1 league game to crack under 'pressure' like this ?
  10. At what point would you start to re-think your position on Martin O'Neill? at the end of the season if we've suffered from the squad size and dropped below 8th How far does your support go at a critical time in our (and other teams') chase for the top 4? my support for Villa is the same whether we're 1st or 20th in the league What does Martin have to do (or not do) before you begin allowing yourself to think 'Hold on a second Martin sort it out'? Surely your support only goes so far? Only goes to a point? I want to know what that point is. for us to fall below mid table in
  11. at the moment i'd say compared to Davies he looks world class. but thats not saying a lot at the moment Curtis needs a BIG wake up call and quick
  12. thankfully Risso your opinion isnt matched by the majority (on here or H&V) so why not give it a rest eh ?
  13. correct! wonderful gig, very hot, pissed up crowd, lots of jumping, lots of atmos
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