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  1. If Grealish goes there’s a lot more work to do before the end of August that’s for sure
  2. Keep seeing this and don’t understand why he’s now suddenly more marketable. Is it because of the Euros? If it is, let’s be honest he was well down the pecking order with Southgate and he didn’t get much game time. He certainly wasn’t one of the first names on the team sheet like Kane, Sterling, Rice or Phillips. He’s only really marketable to villa fans, and he’s doesn’t need the marketing in that area.
  3. Im not a City fan and Im not saying his stock will go down, its just that it could. Its a risk and it could go up or down...its just a very good time to sell off the back of a high profile euro campaign.
  4. I post on this thread as its the most active and I worry that without Grealish we are in real trouble. My brother, Jimmy, has only seen him play live 2 times at VP and it would be nice to go with him again to make it 3.
  5. I would be laughing too if Man Citys wheels fell off, not sure why people get wound up when someone has a different view to them.
  6. You cash out when your assets are at their most valuable, his stock is high now off the back of a few appearances at the Euros, not so much if his shins give again.
  7. Exactly, that's why I laughed. Someone believing Villa are top 4 is ridiculous, no where near compared to what is already in the top 4 or even 6, it isn't happening. I've also not said Grealish should move on, I said the reasons why he likely would be tempted, I've not said he should. It's great to be ambitious, but be realistic with it, adding Buendia does not get top 4 and as I say, without a Grealish its far more likely the club will go the other way. The optimism is good to see in this climate but basing it all on a mediocre second season with the addition of a veteran defender that has come back for a last pay day and a newly promoted winger who's left the club that got promoted madness.
  8. Nowhere near Top7 , progress would be top half with Grealish. Without him and it will be a fight out with Newcastle for mediocrity. It showed last season, no Grealish and won 5 in 16.
  9. So Leeds and 3 other teams drop down the league and Villa move up 'atleast' 4places , by signing Buendia?
  10. Ah right - so you can't answer the question then. ok fair enough.
  11. Im not sold on West Ham to be fair, now they've lost Lingard but I'm not having that Leeds will have 'peaked' under Bielsa. They've got better and better each year, they were new kids on the block last season, out ran every team in the league and finished 9th with almost the same team from the championship. They're aren't suddenly gong to turn into Burnley.
  12. Exciting shape doesnt get players trophies. Answer the question then, which of the top 10 teams are we better than? Which of those teams are suddenly going to go the other way, I've not seen any evidence that any will.
  13. Where are we exactly? We finished 11th, still not sure which of the top 10 teams we are suddenly better than this season.
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