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  1. It's always fascinating to read what opposition fans think and it's interesting how so many people can watch the same game and have different views on what happened. From my perspective we got hit with an early counter attack goal and then Villa parked the bus quite successfully and we had no answer to it (and not for the first time - our lack of guile when teams defend deep is nothing new and you're not the first team to exploit this weakness). Poch admitted the first half was "his fault" as the formation wasn't quite clear and he sorted this at half time. To be fair we had 7 first choice players missing and fielded an 11 who had never played together before so I suppose it was to be expected. Our success in the second half was purely down to the change in formation and our fitness. Still can't get used to being referred to as "Champions League Finalists" - that does feel weird. Even though yesterday we only started 6 players who played in the final. It's great to have a big club like Villa back in the Premier League. I think some in this thread are being over critical - you've got some good players and we were properly tested yesterday. I can't see you having any problems staying up if you play with that commitment and attitude for the rest of the season.
  2. Greetings from N17 and welcome back to the PL. It's great to see Villa in the top flight again. Looking forwards to a good game tomorrow. I think the game will be closer than some (certainly fellow Spurs fans) are predicting. We've got 7 first team players out injured and/or suspended at the moment, four of whom are defensive so I'm fully expecting to see you score. We conceeded a couple pre-season playing too high a line and getting undone with a through ball, we're lacking the pace to get back and deal with it, so if you can exploit that we'll be in trouble. Hopefully our attacking players will make up for it On paper we should win - but paper doesn't win football matches. Hope you guys coming down enjoy the new stadium it's magnificent (biased, obvs). I've heard some complaints from away fans of overcrowding near the bars on the away concourse but not many know there's another bar upstairs which is quieter so if you find yourselves queuing too much, find the secret door and pop upstairs. Enjoy the game - just not too much!
  3. Just joined to say welcome back to the PL it's great to have a club like Villa back in the top tier. Hoping you stick around but don't start winning till your second game.
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