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  1. he looks like shrek, like......shreks brother.

    On the "best this / best that" argument, he has played what..... 80ish high level games?

    granted he has scored 53 ish goals in those games, but greatness is consistency, he needs to do this for the next 5-10 years to be classed among the greats.

    He has made a good start, looks like a great player, but he's literal miles off being debated in the same breath as the true greats.

    also, just being a great goal scorer wont get you in the "greatest ever" debates, the true greats are also great individual players, like Messi, Ronaldo, Pele, Maradona, Cruyff etc.

    for exapmle, Lewandowski is a "great goal scorer", but he will never be talked about alongside the "greats" because he isnt an individual great.

  2. On 21/11/2020 at 23:23, WooJung said:

    Let's be fair though, Konsa deserves as much stick for the first goal. What in earth was he doing there, so far up the pitch and so far to the left? 

    Why do we have three players within 2 square meters all going for the ball? 

    Shambolic defending, absolutely disgusting. Mings deserves his portion of blame, but he surely isn't alone. 


    wow, thats worse than the other angles i saw.

    the LCD and RCD, along with the DM all within 2 feet of each other, on the far left of the pitch 15-20 yards beyond the half way line.

    so Welbeck is basically out of shot, near the half way line entirely by himself.

    That is seriously bad defending, sunday league stuff, and im not hyperbolic there......its literally something a few 16 year olds wouldnt do in 99.9% of situations.

    i literally dont understand how the defence and DM(s) have allowed themselves to get in such a mess, its pea brain stuff.

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  3. 26 minutes ago, Demitri_C said:

    the inconsistency is the most worrying thing for me. We can batter arsenal then lose so easily against brighton.

    I dont find it hard to understand though (i think).

    Arsenal, Liverpool & Leicester are teams that came out to play, attack us and treat us like we are the "lesser team", that seems to suit as with this team we are deadly counter punchers.

    Brighton for example, sat back and nullified our counter game, we couldnt break them down easily, and they actually hit us on the counter.

    Basically, we are currently a deadly counter team, but not a great team when the opposition sits back and we have to try and break them down (also we are terribly open to counter ourselves when we are on the front foot - that first brighton goal was a shocking goal)

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  4. Slight licence taken with positions......gotta play that 2-5-3 formation.....


                      Richards - Lescott 

    N'Zogbia - Jenas - Ireland - Sylla - Tonev

        Bowery - McCormack - Helenius

    so hard tho, could easily put 20 plus players up there for consideration.


  5. will be interesting to see how the season develops.

    I think its clear how to beat us (or at least make life very hard for us) and some teams seem to have figured it out already. (or smaller teams that arent programmed to attack and expect to roll us over)

    If teams come on to us we are deadly on the counter, Arsenal, Leicester & Liverpool saw that, where if teams sit back a bit, press and harry, get in our faces, we arent so good at breaking them down, and in that scenario we are prone to being hit on the break ourselves.

    when we are on the front foot we seemed to get opened up easier, its almost like McGinn and Luiz dont have the discipline to cover at times?, where we look deadly as counter punchers.

    should be an interesting season.

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  6. 4 minutes ago, Thug said:

    Ok, I love Jack.. 


    but he had a quiet game.

    This surprises me.

    yeah he did have a quiet ish game by his standards, but tbf nobody else set the world on fire.

    Foden prob deserved it, but grealish played ok, he nearly created 2 or 3 chances, looked busy and did his usual nonchalant thing.....like a boss.


    tbh.......my missus hates football.....and even she has watched the last few games and keeps saying "that grealish is an exciting player isn he".

    I say...."do u fancy him or summat?"...............but.....if he can get my missus excited to watch anything football related cus he's a silky exciting player.....just imagine the appeal he has to the general footballing audience.

    as soon as grealish was subbed she put im a celebrity on immediately lol  :)

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  7. 1 minute ago, foreveryoung said:

    What are we trying to do???? There's only 10 men out there and we haven't even had a shot on goal this half.  Most talented players we have had in an age, with the most bland manager.

    ye, probably the best generation of players we have had since since the mid/late 90s, and southgate is going to wreck them with his rubbish formation, rubbish tactics.....and his general rubbishness.

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  8. 2 minutes ago, sne said:

    That's the funny paradox with US sports. It's a communist league system with salary caps, draft system and what not, and players with (obscenely well paid) servitude or "slavery" who can be traded by their masters, often without a say in it.

    yep, i have read moneyball so many times, there are chapters about players being traded to other teams and that player sitting in a chair shocked to silence that he ended up at team A, rather than team B or C etc that they expected.

    Although, (again in moneyball), it mentions some players have clauses inserted in to their contracts that they cant be traded to X or Y club, so i suppose it depends on how much power the individual player has to get clauses inserted?

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  9. 32 minutes ago, penguin said:

    The buy back clause means we have to accept the bid, it doesn’t mean Luiz has to agree personal terms.

    lets be real, if Man City come in for him and tell him he is part of their plans, he will go.

    I hope they either a) dont activate it, or b) if they consider activating it to sell him on, we offer X amount to buy out the clause.

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  10. 16 hours ago, Jareth said:

    Loving the reaction of a salty Arsenal fan I spoke to today, immediately commented that we'd be selling Grealish. I pointed them toward Googling NSWE. 

    rich make it rain GIF

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  11. i have a feeling he wont make the euro squad.

    I 100% think he should go to the euros, and thats a completely unbiased view, he is a mercurial talent and has something no other player has in the squad imo.

    however......i have a feeling Southgate will find a way not to take him to the euros.

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