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  1. Someone tell me it's over before my stream please!!!!
  2. Well you can't say it's not an entertaining game to watch
  3. They saying it's a muscle injury. Hope they taking him off to protect him from further injury though.
  4. Ings keeps finding himself on the left side. I don't think I've ever seen him play there before in his career.
  5. Did everyone else hear this is the most played fixture in English football.
  6. Nice to see we are continuing the shit corner taking stats. FFS
  7. Can we send all players out with a knee brace on as a precaution for the rest of the season please?
  8. Yeh. Scan then either meniscus or something to ACL. The way his knee bent it's definitely torn something
  9. It was an unlucky coming together with Cash. Can't really blame it on pre season. Our players really need an education to have a bit more shit housery about them though against teams like this.
  10. Constant injuries are really harming us. Konsa not happy at all
  11. It looks like they forgot the jackets and borrowed the groundsman's stuff instead.
  12. I was just thinking the same. Both those and Ramsey for MOTM
  13. Not a dirty game but it's grown into a lot of niggly fouls and the ref who's been terrible tbh has been forced to show a few yellows. It's getting out of control now though
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