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  1. I thought the 80,000 at England rugby, 52,000 at Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid and 250,000 at Cheltenham then waiting a couple more weeks were what happened with the speed camera analogy?

    We did it, we got to 4,000 then 6,000 then 8,000 new cases every day and then they bottled it and ended the experiment.




  2. 44 minutes ago, HanoiVillan said:

    My advice is learn how to play golf or whatever shit it is he likes doing in his free time. Good luck.

    When I decided the management life was the life for me, it was suggested within the office that I take up golf.

    My direct boss saw an opportunity and gave me his clubs. Which meant he had to go and buy new clubs, win win as far as he was concerned.

    I did some golf, I chipped play balls up n down the garden, went to a couple of courses that allowed rank amateurs to wander around, did some ‘range’ practise. Very soon realised I wasn’t going to enjoy golf as I had a father and I wasn’t an absolute Pringle clad bellend.

    Sold the clubs. I was quite happy with the deal.

    Then one day my boss asked me if I wanted a game, I said no, I’d decided it was bullshit and not for me. He said fair enough, and could he have his old clubs back if I wasn’t using them...

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  3. Super Furry Animals

    Alabama 3


    Manic Street Preachers




    Dub War

    60ft Dolls

    Llwybr Llaethog

    Murry The Hump


    Alun Tan Lan

    Big Leaves 

    Helen Love


    Derek Jarman


    The other £60 I’d spend on merch and drinks.



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  4. 3 minutes ago, HanoiVillan said:

    I think for a lot of people the effect of stories about sickness on cruise ships just reminds them that at some point they had talked about or considered going on a cruise. People are often quick to say and think 'well it'll never happen to me' and it seems to me that lots want to try things that seem fun but also contain a frisson of danger (to be fair, I have been hoping to walk the Broomway for a few years, so I can talk). Maybe there's a very long German word for this dynamic.




  5. 56 minutes ago, tonyh29 said:

    As i understood it at the time , Plod deliberately leaked the raid on Cliff Richard , for precisely this reason  , they wanted to smoke out loads of victims .. none came forward

    its a dangerous road , all be it from an example of one .


    flip side would be , imagine someone like this current situation , isn't named , and then commits another attack whilst they are being prevented from being named  and are happily continuing to work

    not an easy one  ....

    I was just listening to something on the radio where a woman had been blackmailed by her ex-partner over photos he’d taken of her.

    The police view of it was very interesting. A case with one person against one other may or may not succeed. But it’s rarely the case someone would do something like this as a one off. They persuaded the woman to allow the case to go public, and four other women came forward with similar stories about the same guy.

    Five complainants against the one guy stood a far greater chance of something sticking and had a far higher penalty, keeping him off the streets for 10 years instead of of 3.

    As you rightly say, it’s a dangerous road. I’m not envious of the people having to make those sort of judgement calls. 

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  6. 39 minutes ago, blandy said:

    The difficulty with Tax is unintended consequences. If I an unscrupulous landlord type have to pay out more to buy some properties, then I’m sure as hell gonna charge more rent, cut back on maintenance costs, be more intolerant of people struggling to pay. Who exactly benefits there?

    of course it may give an advantage to a non landlord competitor to buy the property, as they’d effectively have a lower buying cost, but overall there are as many pros as cons. Maybe we should look at other countries for ideas. Germany say? They seem to get a lot of things right.

    The build more homes bit stops the rents going up.

    If a not for profit or co-op or council build homes to be used as homes and not part of an investment portfolio first and foremost, then people who want to give their money to a private landlord still can. But very possibly at a lower rent, as they won’t be competing against the people that would prefer not to be the temporary, transitory tennant / income source.

    You don’t have to move far from my house to find homes being snapped up as holiday lets when people in this town and along this coast can’t afford a home. That’s fine, this isn’t a communist state. But there should be a mechanism that ensures these places taken out of the housing stock are replaced. A decent heft of tax on income if you’re not actually living their as your own main residence feels like a good place to start.

  7. Build more homes and see the private rental market need to adjust to something lower than a mortgage.

    Tax people buying properties where they have no intention of living. Tax second homes. Tax properties bought as holiday cottages. Tax the air bnb model.

    People can’t live in their own towns because someone else has seen a profit and thought, **** you, I’ll have my profit.

    There is a place for the private landlord wanting his profit. It shouldn’t stop the people of ‘x’ town living in ‘x’ town.


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  8. 18 minutes ago, HanoiVillan said:

    The thing that pisses me off about donating to Unicef is that I know the majority of the money goes on providing emergency aid to people whose lives have been destroyed by bombs made in this country.

    Ah, but if we weren’t selling them our good bombs and bombing training, they’d still be buying bombs but they’d be bad bombs with poor bombing training.

    You have to think of the whole picture.

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  9. If only there was some way individuals looking for a home didn’t have to rely on individuals with two homes but not quite enough money behind them or unscrupulous individuals with lots of properties kept back from potential home buyers so thousands of families are reliant on private money makers for somewhere to live.

    If only there was some other way that homes could be provided without all this pain for individuals, this uncertainty.

    You’d think government or local government could tailor their local needs for housing by providing housing to a set standard for a fair price to all the people that need it, that are needed in the area to do the jobs.

    I shall put my mind to how this could be resolved...


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  10. 1 hour ago, KenjiOgiwara said:

    Dem has already said he followed the rules, but the tenants can't be evicted due to the new covid rule? To me it sounds like a spot on summary. Am I misunderstanding you Dem? 

    If you never could evict someone, there would be a lack of housing in the market pretty quickly. 

    Where did the ‘never’ come from?

    It’s a discussion on following the correct legal process. I don’t think anyone has suggested tennants should never be evicted?

    Even if it was just for the sake of the neighbours or the local community there should always be the option to remove someone. 

  11. A sexually incontinent man, a known proven compulsive liar, that has no coherent ideas and is the puppet of Cummings advertises for a person to answer his questions for him.

    In the same week, having said he would end cronyism, he makes Lords of his brother, his financial backer, his Brexit supporter mates and Ian Botham.

    Ian Botham is now part of the legislature, deciding on the finer points of the laws of the country. Sat alongside Kate Hoey and Evgeny Lebedev, a man who’s money comes from when his ex KGB dad ‘bought’ a Russian bank. Now I know we mustn’t condemn on the sins of the father, but the guy is a dual UK/Russian national with media interests and his money comes from the 90’s KGB mafia take over of Russian utilities. I’m sure there was some sort of an issue with that recently?

    It’s important we keep taking the piss out of those crazy Americans, yeah?

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  12. 6 hours ago, il_serpente said:

    With gravy?


    Imagine being stuck up high on a roof out of sight, with some burly workmen and asking if any of them like a bit of gravy on their batter?


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