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  1. 1 minute ago, dudevillaisnice said:

    Feels like we are constantly chasing games recently because we give away so many sloppy goals.. frustrating. 

    It’s been the case for most of Dean’s time as manager! We are in danger here of getting right back into a relegation battle. Newcastle is an absolute must win now.

  2. 1 hour ago, KenjiOgiwara said:

    Well I am a huge fan of Smith, but I have a bone to pick with him when it comes to rotations. 

    There's no point having a squad if you don't use it. There's no chance that a fit Nakamba and Horihane wouldn't have been better than a shattered Luiz and McGinn.

    Getting this right is his job. I would probably have even started Traore over Grealish.

    Now we lost, got a bunch of displeased players in the squad that realise they won't get a look in no matter what. And McGinn, Luiz and Grealish are even more exhausted.

    This is straight up poor management. Our bench might be poor, but it's a squad game unfortunately.

    I would say that there’s every chance!

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  3. 19 hours ago, Villan_of_oz said:

    Incorrect my friend!

    How do you know that’s incorrect. Anything else would be unenforceable. You cannot force someone to do something against their will! It would obviously be illegal 

  4. 1 hour ago, OutByEaster? said:

    He can reject them, but I think he'd then be a City player refusing to play. That's my understanding of it anyway.


    He can reject the move. The clause just means that we have to accept an offer that meets the stated criteria. It is then up to City to agree a deal with the player. If they can’t, then he remains an AVFC player. I think he will stay to be honest. Things are going really well for him and us. 

  5. He is ridiculous. I said last season that he is worth more than £100m. He is priceless now. Nobody could afford him. Totally, beautifully ridiculous..............Bet Southgate still doesn’t pick him though!

  6. There’s no doubting his ability to play at this level in my view. He has had some cracking games for us in the PL.

    The problem is the blend of the midfield. Smith has never quite managed to get it right. You play SJM or Barkley with Luiz and a more combatitive box to box midfielder. Someone like Keane or Viera. At the moment our midfield is walked through at times.

  7. 19 minutes ago, beachboys1 said:

    id like to see smith do something left field watkins wide mings center forward thats a serious suggestion i think mings could cause havonc up front  after yesterday scoring one and another terrific header

    Steve.......is that you?

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  8. Smith is a massive work in progress. He is not at the level as most other PL managers but he does have plenty of growth left in him. He needs to keep learning fast though otherwise I think he will run out of time.

  9. His goal return so far has been really good. We couldn’t have reasonably expected better. I have to say though that I don’t think he looks very good. I’d bizarrely have been happier with fewer goals but better all round performances!  Early days though so plenty of time to improve.

  10. Very impressive press conference from the manager. He really seems so calm and measured. There are obviously going to be some bumps in the road along the way but it feels as though we really are on the right path now. Well done Deano (and CP, Wes and Nas).

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  11. Axel played well for Man U last night. Expect him to be in the next England squad whilst big nose explains the absence of Ezri being down to a lack of PL experience!

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