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  1. I think the owners will be keen to test the post C-19 landscape before committing to any development. The impact on employment and the wider economy is totally unknown. Add in the uncertainty created by Brexit and now is a risky time to re-develop the ground. 
    I think it will happen under these guys at some stage but not just now. It’s a shame because in many ways the past 12 months would have been the perfect time to do it!

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  2. I have just been watching Leeds and if we play the same three in midfield against them, we will be torn to pieces. Not because they are amazing players but because they are so energetic and physical. They are the polar opposite to our recent midfield performances. We must get energy and physicality in there. 
    I would sacrifice Ross for a more traditional centre mid, probably Sanson. I would also consider including Marvelous for SJM.

    Let us make it incredibly hard for them for an hour, frustrate them and then possibly look to introduce Ross and SJM later in the game when Leeds have worn out a bit. 
    Do nothing and I fear an absolute battering. Maybe 5-0.

  3. 11 minutes ago, DCJonah said:

    We beat Arsenal two games ago. 

    The key word was next, not last! We were also very lucky to get a win it that game. Arsenal bossed it from minute three until the end.

  4. The way we are playing at the moment makes me worry where the next win is coming from. We have had long spells like this in each of his first two seasons. We overcame the first one when Jack came back from injury. The second one needed a global pandemic to break the form! What will it take this season? Maybe Sanson can spark a catalyst!

  5. 2 minutes ago, foreveryoung said:

    Will see how much he has learnt vs Leeds. The tactical mangers leave Leeds for dust, will Smith be any different 2nd game against them??

    That’s a good point. You have to battle and sit deep against Leeds and hit them hard on the break. If they start well they are very hard to stop. You need to stay in the match and frustrate them. I don’t think we have this in our locker but I would love Dean and the boys to prove me wrong!

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  6. 1 minute ago, Farlz said:

    It really wasn't that bad today, unfortunately that disaster first 30 minutes was enough for Leicester. 

    I do think it's time for him to drop Barkley though, especially against them pressing machines Leeds. 

    But we had lost the game already by the end of that woeful 30 minutes! Do we ignore that?

  7. 2 minutes ago, tomav84 said:

    good reaction 2nd half. need to take those positives to leeds

    Not having a go at all but I just don’t buy this. How often do we have to be crap to get a reaction. We have had plenty of wake up points recently but the rubbish keeps coming. If we start the same team against Leeds, it will happen again. The manager, who of course has been brilliant for us, still needs to start earning his corn. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is not what we need right now!

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  8. 1 minute ago, est1874 said:

    Yep, unfortunately we're not blessed with many players who can play on the left. This is all a consequence of Smith not wanting to change shape, which he arguably should have done after losing his best player with no equivalent back-up. Presumably the injury didn't happen yesterday, so he's had time to develop a Plan B.

    I know this will be unpopular but I need to say it, I'm starting to feel very disillusioned with the fact that we are set up to play the same the same way week after week, even after losing our best players and one of the season's star defenders to injury.

    You can't just "square peg, round hole" it against a top 4 team, you need a decent bloody plan.

    He could have played Trez and played a 3 man centre mid without changing it too much. Leicester are lethal when they turn over possession. With no tracking back from AEG, Ross and Bert it will be a disaster. I predict we will be at least 2 down by half time the way we are set up. Easy three points for Leicester.

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  9. There’s a stat doing the rounds on Twitter that Villa have conceded the most shots in the penalty area, within the last 6 weeks. That is unsustainable. I know we have managed some clean sheets in that time but we have been utterly reliant on brilliant defending and goal keeping. 
    This is further evidence that the midfield is being out performed. It is far too easy to get into dangerous positions. We will take a real walloping at some stage if the trend continues. I would play Luis, McGinn and Sanson today. Save Ross for later in the game, if required. Leicester will score at will if we don’t provide better protection.

  10. 6 hours ago, MotoMkali said:

    That is so lazy by you guys. He works hard defensively. He doesn't have great awareness so he often loses his man. But whenever he loses the ball he is running back and trying to win it back 

    The bigger problem is how often he gives the ball away. He is so wasteful in possession. The ball just doesn’t stick. In that first half against West Ham he looked like a competition winner. 
    He just isn’t good enough to start games in the PL. He is ok as a bench option but even that needs to be improved upon over time. I like him. He is a really good guy and he’s played an important role in our recovery but we need better to sustain and improve upon where we are now.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Taxahunter said:

    Ermm no. He hasn't been good this season. He was good end of last season, but this one he was crap at the beginning and then injured for a large part, a full december where we were good, due to some good team performances with Jack, Traore and AEG on top.

    He was really good before his injury. He played a key role in us having our best start to a season in years which included us smashing the champions 7-2! 

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  12. I can’t believe the negativity towards Trez on here. He has been really good this season. He is an absolute pest and has scored/assisted some key goals since he joined. I would bring him back to right wing and push Bert into the 10 slot.

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  13. His form has dipped so much since Christmas. I have almost forgotten how good he can be. It happens with all players of course, particularly young ones. Hope he sorts it out soon though 

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  14. 1 hour ago, Delphinho123 said:

    The decision to keep playing Ross Barkley is somewhat detracting from a good season and how well Smith is doing. 

    He needs to address the problem in central midfield if we are to have any hope of challenging for Europe. 

    I agree with this. If we are going to play a 10 then we need 2 defensive midfielder players one of which must never be McGinn. Therefore it has to be 2 of Marvelous, Luiz and Sanson. Barkley is better used as an impact sub and therefore Bert, Jack, Sanson or McGinn must play 10. Finally I think Trez has to play. He is the most physical of our midfield players and he is a real nuisance. We need to be much better without the ball.

  15. 10 hours ago, TrentVilla said:

    Add Bissouma to the list please Villa.

    He is something else. Exactly the player we are crying out for. He wouldn’t be cheap but if we are going to get to the next level, these are the sorts of players we need to be investing in.

  16. I am starting to think that his best position is impact sub. He always looks lively when he comes off the bench for Chelsea. I really hope we have canned any thoughts of buying him. Too expensive in every way.

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