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Message from the mods PLEASE READ THIS


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Now we have all settled down to the lovely new site, we'd like to ask a favour and also lay down some strong requests.

First the favour. Many of you have used the "report" feature to alert us of posts which you think may be disruptive to the site's well being as a place where all views are welcome, and people can post without fear of abuse or bullying. Please could you all use this feature where you see posters dragging the standard down.

With the team being frankly awful at the moment, passions run high, but we will not allow behavioural standards to drop. There is a system by which we have been warning posters to please comply with site guidelines. Now it's bedded in, and in light of the general circumstances, we are about to up the levels by which we warn people for transgressing. We therefore strongly request that posters stick to the guidelines, as future breaches will result in stronger penalties and less tolerance from moderators.

Abuse, continuing arguments, posting on poster, putting words in people's mouths and posting for reaction in particular will land you in hot water. Don't say you haven't been asked.

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