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There but for the grace of god go "wye aye"


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There but for the grace of god go "wye aye"

Written by drat01

A club who had won trophies years before.

A club that had a large fan base who believed their hero's could do no wrong.

A club who's fans hated their chairman.

A club who's chairman made his wealth from a high street establishment.

A club that changes manager mid season to try and stop the inevitable.

A club that had little in the way of youth team setup.

A club that had tried foreign managers and director's of football only to return to the more traditional British manager, but still get relegated.

A club who's last 8 matches form was 1 win, 2 draws and 5 defeats.

A club who's team was made up of a British forward who once scored goals for fun but was now an injury prone player struggling to keep up in the big time.

A club who's GK who for a long time had been at the club as reserve keeper.

Sound familiar?

Aston Villa season 19867-87...............

There are so many similarities between the cub some of us watched from the Holte End those days and the fate that hit the Scottish visitors yesterday.

For his many faults, we should always thank Ellis though for appointing a certain Graham Taylor as the next Villa manage. What Taylor did was look at the club as a whole entity, clear away a lot of old bad ways and basically start again. The influence of the chairman was put back to what it should have been. Old players going through the motions, living on past glories were moved on and away from the club. The introduction of a youth team system that to this day is still paying dividends. Pride and belief for the fans.

It wasn't an overnight fix and our season in the second tier proved to be a tough one, only gaining promotion on the last day at Swindon. But the frame work that Graham Taylor put in place is still paying dividends to this day

I thank you Mr G. Taylor for what you did for my club during those dark days

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