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For those of us going to todays game….


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3 minutes ago, CLARETANDBLUEFOXY said:

Ok, hands up! Who, like myself, is going to the game this evening? I feel like we need a therapy chat to cope with what’s about to go down tonight 😂 also, has anyone got any pre game good luck rituals that I can do as well to also give us some sort of luck before the game? 😂😂😂


Don't go 

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I posted yesterday about my misgivings on going. 
however I have decided to make the trip from Essex! We’re not a bunch of fair weather plastic fans. It’s disrespectful to all those who travel every week home and away to not go. So I will be there. Watching between fingers and willing the lads on. Just please keep us from humiliation…….no lucky rituals although a greggs sausage roll might count! 🤔

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