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Squad Popularity Contest


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Not sure if there is a more suitable place for this but I found it kind of interesting. I was looking at the eBay Shirts for Heroes raffle and it was interesting to see our 'league table of popularity' to some degree. We often hear who's top name on shirt sales etc but this is a pretty good guage of the squad popularity I'd say...

Grealish 659

McGinn 359

Mings 297

Hourihane 124

Luiz 104

Reina 98

Samatta 92

Heaton 90

Wesley 85

Guilbert 84

El Ghazi 79

Nakamba 72

Nyland 72

Konsa 70

Chester 67

Steer 64

Davis 62

Trezeguet 61

Targett 59

Engels 58

Elmo 54

Drinkwater 52

Jota 52

Lansbury 52

Hause 51

Taylor 48

Baston 47

Two data points spring out - one that Hourihane is 4th despite no one ever seeming to put him in their squads or even like him on here and, secondly, that Drinkwater is above anyone! Reina might be getting some fans from prior career as can't work out who'd prefer him to Heaton in a Villa shirt...

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