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Return of the faithful?


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Much has been said on this and many other Villa based websites about where all of the Villa fans are. Well it seems that they are indeed returning and in some number.

In answer to a question raised by 'Trinity-Tom' in The General's Thread The General has replied "Season Ticket sales to date: 15,636 vs. 6673 at same time last year. 2525 are brand new folks who are getting tickets for 1st time."

Now for me 1st time will surely include those who have been season ticket holders in previous seasons who let them lapse and never returned.

Well it seems that they have seen everything that has happened, is happening and all want to be a part of it.

2500 out of 16000 is a good indication that season ticket sales will be well up on last season and may get to the record levels seen only the year before. The new board has been very open with it's plans and has backed those plans with the new Holte Hotel and Bodymoor Heath.

It seems to me that we as fans are paying them back with our own support.

Proud History, Bright Future .......

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