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General Chat: Summer 2014


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Thought we could have a thread for general discussion about the upcoming season.

Post your potential line ups as more transfers happen etc.


A lot of my friends (of other clubs) were discussing how much they miss the Premier League season and can't wait for it to return.  I had a long think about it and decided I'm not looking forward to it at all, and can't fathom going through another season like the previous one.  


That said, despite it all being doom and gloom about our lack of money and transfer policy, I think as it stands we will be lining up a lot stronger than last season.


The returns of Okore, N'Zogbia and to a lesser degree Kozak, force me to use the old cliché of them being like new signings.

The addition of Senderos in my view offers better back up than Clark and Baker who at times wouldn't have looked out of place in Brazil's line up last night.


The signing of Joe Cole is a very effective way to satiate the need of some creativity at the top of the midfield, however defensively the midfield is still very weak and it would be nice to see us add a bit of steel and somebody who can tackle.


We have added a lot of experience which we desperately lacked last year and hopefully Roy Keane can add a bit of drive.


With a bit of luck, I think we are equipped to give it a better go than last year but a lot will ride on the fitness of Benteke, Vlaar, Okore and Cole.











Attacking wise there are a number of variations possible with the likes of Kozak, Weimann and possibly Bent and Bendtner available should see enough fire power at least.  The key areas required as evidenced by the above line up are definitely a new left back and centre midfielder.  Let's hope there's some good bosmans/loans available.


As for how we do, I'm going to be very optimistic and predict a 12th place finish.  An improvement in home form is vital though.





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If we can find anyone in our so-called price range, I hold out hope that we can bring in a left back and a defensive midfielder. If we're not able to find a DM that fits the bill, and given our relative depth now at CB, I wouldn't mind seeing either of Herd of Clark given a try at the DM position. Both have played there before, and both have done pretty decently. I think either or them could add that bit of steel we're looking for. Yes, both are prone to rash tackles and poor decisions, but I'd trust Vlaar and Okore to clean up after them (presuming we still have Vlaar. This is seriously my biggest worry right now). With Clark or Herd at DM, it would be easy enough to switch formations mid-match to a three at the back -- if we ever get that formation & tactic right, which I'm not convinced we will.


My fondest wish would be to get Fabio Borini on loan for a half-season at least, as cover for Benteke. Rodgers doesn't seem to rate him at Liverpool (surprising, Rodgers brought him in and worked with him at Swansea). He's a completely different player to Benteke but he would offer so much that we don't have. I don't imagine we can get him, he wants to stay at Liverpool and sadly I don't think we're much of an attraction right now.


Pretty much every piece of news I hear from the OS or here on VT sort of fills me with bemusement. I just read the news and shake my head and go, "I have no idea how to react to that." Roy Keane's been appointed Assistant Manager. "Huh. Really? I don't know if I love that or hate that." "Senderos. Really? Wow." "Joe Cole? Well... yeah, okay, Joe Cole, I can see that, sure." "Faulkner's what? Well, that's... odd. Doesn't seem good." "Bendtner? .... I don't even...."


It's a marked difference compared to last summer, I'll tell you that. My perpetual optimism has taken a very bad knock. I know it's still alive, though, because it keeps hoping we'll all be damned surprised this season. UTV!

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I'm not sure what to think. In theory we have a good side, but that side is inconsistent - and we can no longer use the excuse of them being young, or getting used to the prem, this will be their third season!



Bacuna - Okore - Vlaar - Luna

Delph - Westwood - Clark


Weimann Benteke

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