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  1. Steve Bruce

    He was losing that many games b admitted it was the wrong thing to do so he ssaid he is going back to the formation that won us games... But he insists he will always play 2 up top and that will never change because that's what he has done for 20 years. Hes played one up top because he feel he has to Again a complete dinasour who doesn't understand the modern game..
  2. Steve Bruce

    Yea he said it in a press conference before derby I think
  3. Steve Bruce

    I'm still not hearing his other qualities folks amongst all the words I'm looking at I'm not putting my point across I'm asking to be persuaded.. Again I'm open to your thoughts
  4. Steve Bruce

    Literally its not.. It's an exaggerated comment.. That's what it is If you have doubts about Bruce I havent seen them recently.. So I can't comment all I can see is you completely backing him to the hilt to be honest Is it based on recent results.? Do you flip flop when he wins a game then loses? Seem it. I was skeptical from the start.. When he started he made me think maybe he isn't as bad as I feared.. Then he got his own way in Jan and screwed up our chances of getting out this league this season.. So it cemented my concerns and now he should be shown the exit door end of the season.. Next season will only be harder for us not easier.. He's proven he makes far too many mistakes these days.. Football has moved on and unfortunately for bruce he hasn't moved with it and never will.. Proven by his own words 'I'll always play 2 up top and that will never change' says it all even though the only success he's actually had is when we have had only one up top.. Incredible
  5. Steve Bruce

    You mean you don't commit to a proper opinion on Bruce so when he messes up you can slide off that other side of the fence and say hello he was crap see I was right all along.. Or if he gets us up you can come down on like ton of bricks to folks who don't rate him and say the same thing? Sorry but this don't wash with me I see right through it It's clear as day by the responses I'm getting that Bruce is getting massive defence based on past glory rather than what he is actually achieving at villa which is a disgraceful league position playing disgraceful football I've asked the question twice now to disprove your point.. I'm happy to sit back and hear all the reason why Bruce is a good appointment if you take away talking about just promotions.. What other qualitys does the guy possess?
  6. Steve Bruce

    Here is my other lie I said about bruce having funds before which people claim he did not on here.. Many others you can use too
  7. Steve Bruce

    Again I'm open to ideas and evidence.. Promotions aside What does Bruce offer that makes his appointment justified?
  8. Steve Bruce

    I thought he had 2 from memory.. Either way he has been promoted like many other managers...
  9. Steve Bruce

    This would be valid if Bruce suffered the same fate but he hasn't has he Rdm was sacked too early to prove either bad or good he at least shown signs of the ability to dominate sides. We are now 15th when we used to be 4 points away from the play offs under the same manager and he is still here.. Hoping his promotions bear fruit when in reality our team looks just average at best on the field Other than just promotions can anyone provide any signs or evidence of him being right for us long term and short? There are managers every season which get promoted.. Norwich manager has 2 promotions to his name.. Big deal should we get him too?
  10. Steve Bruce

    The irony of this statement is that you and a few others are doing exactly that when I challenge your thinking All I'm hearing is... Bruce has promotions on his cv Bruce has promotions therefore he's a great manager and deserves 10 seasons to get it right In investing past results are not a guarantee of future returns.. In sales you are only as good as the current performance not the year before. I couldn't care less about his promotions quite frankly half of them were by the skin of his teeth anyhow This season he's as good as the league position and that's 15th. Losing 5 in a row against poor sides in the division.. Playing dire football.. Making no changes when losing games hoping for something to change or hoping to get lucky in a game... Doesn't do tactics You are ignoring all these recent realitys for us and this has all happened THIS season. I understand the logic of his promotions.. But quite frankly that's all you have to come at me with... I have a whole list of bad things is he's done just this season which warrants him losing his job
  11. Steve Bruce

    Actually continuing to employ managers who are not good for us is not going to work... Bruce is not the right manager for the long term and especially not in the prem so why not look for a manager that can be good enough for both? Newcastle kept rafa for this division why can't we if we are the bigger club?
  12. Steve Bruce

    You know why Bruce is such a poor appointment? Because it completely divided the fans When was the last time we all could properly get behind a manager that was good for us? That's when you know the right managerial appointment is made
  13. Steve Bruce

    I answered..
  14. Steve Bruce

    You see my view is not based on just being promoted as I'm not as short sighted as that...its not all about promotion believe it or not it's about sustainable methods that you can build upon It's job done and fair play Bruce you did your job if he actually gets us up considering our level of investment.. Then it's bye Bruce go back to the second tier with someone else Becuase you are not good enough for the top flight... Harsh maybe but it's a necessity if we want to evolve
  15. Steve Bruce

    I'll entertain this for one post 11th in the chumps is fckin garbage still by the way for us considering investment levels vs other teams