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  1. General Krulak here: 1. Last comment first. I told everyone that I would be on the site once a week. Having flunked retirement for the 3rd time, I do have a full time job running a university (www.bsc.edu) and my ability to come on the site daily just isn't in the cards. I do the best I can. It is up to the fans as to whether the site is worth while....if the Fans say, "Np", then so be it. 2. Villarocker and others: Comment by AM....I am not sure how many Managers of any Clubs would go to the media before the first Premiership game is played and claim that their Club (one that end
  2. General Krulak here: 1. First off, I am NOT ducking questions. I said that I would not be on the site every day...that I would be on the site on the weekend. I am sorry but I have a full time job and I just don't have the time I had before. That does NOT mean that I am not trying to answer your questions and that I AM sending your comments to Randy. Please understand that it is a two part process...I answer questions and I also have to pass on your thoughts...it is not just a simple matter of coming on the site and making a few comments. 2. Fuse: I don't know how many ways I can s
  3. General krulak here: 1. First off, I try to get on the Boards at least once a week...and I think I have done better than that lately. As most of you know, I have a full time job now and can really only get to the sites on the weekend. It is NOT because I am afraid to come on the sites...please. 2. My comment about American Football was not to say the AVFC was following the American Football method. What I was saying is that combining youth with experienced players is not necessarily a bad thing. More importantly, what I was saying was that you needed a strong youth contingent alway
  4. General Krulak here: 1. "Sell to buy"...that is a perennial question. As you have seen from the beginning of Randy's time at the Club, we have not always had a sell to buy requirement. At the same time, if you don't look hard at players and the overall wage bill, a Club can get into real financial difficulties. This is the reason you see Clubs like ManU selling key players...trying to keep competitive and still manage the wage structure. So, at the end of the day, it has much more to do with the wage bill than it does with transfer fees. 2. I will not be going to Hong Kong but Rand
  5. General Krulak here: 1. Ralphy. "We are not selling our best players"....that sort of statement is very easy to make but does not stand the test of time...certainly not in the Premiership. 1) EVERY Club has its price and to think that they don't is naive. 2) EVERY Club needs to watch the timing of the contracts of their players or they will see them go at almost no price. 3) EVERY Club has to weigh the advantages of keeping a player who wants to go...expecially depending on the timing of contract. To simply say that the way to go is say "we are not selling" is naive. Two players th
  6. General Krulak here: 1. Villain vs. Villan: YUCK!!!! I have called John Greenfield to get that off the Nike web. Amazing!! Obviously, they do not run that type of thing through the Club. 2. Changing rooms: When we do the North End of VP, we will be putting in a new store with dressing rooms. 3. Half-Season Tickets from the start of the season. We have never done that and I don't see us starting now. 4. David_Copenhagen: I just spoke to Nicky Keye and she indicated that if you called her, she could organize a scheme for you to purchase your season ticket and pay like the
  7. General Krulak here: 1. Yes, we would like to get a quality pre season at VP. 2. 4th of July...hamburgers, corn on cob, baked beans and ice cream. 3. Mazrim: No way!! And if you want to get back the Union Jack that now resides in our living room you will have to come get it. 4. back room staff: They will be announced soon...by our Manager. 5. PKAVFC: Until we get the changing rooms, just ask to go in the back where you can, in fact, change. 6. Yes, you will see action this summer.
  8. General Krulak here: 1. ulstervilla: I would simply say that you can't always believe what you read. At the end of the day, my comment stands...the Steve McClaren was not "left out of the process" because of Fan input. That may not make some fans happy but it is the truth. 2. ChrisNichollsToe: I would simply say that your "idea" is basically what Randy has done for the past 5 years. When have you seen Randy not open his wallet? NOT just for players but for Villa Park and for Bodymoor Heath. Please do not confuse a transfer fee with on going wages. They are not the same and have
  9. General Krulak here: 1. The key question asked is, "Will Randy support AM during transfer window?" The answer can be given in two parts 1) When has Randy not supported his Manager? and 2) Yes, Randy will support AM. He will support AM as he has supported all of his Managers...he will work to keep the wage bill at a manageable level and, at the same time, will recognize where the Club needs to be strengthened and support the Manager in meeting those needs. 2. I am on holiday for the 4th of July....which is a weekend, not just one day. Call it a "Bank Weekend." 3. "Premiership ex
  10. General Krulak here: 1. I guess I can't take a vacation now??? Somehow I am dodging the Fans?? Simply put, I said I was going to be off the site for the 4th of July Holiday (Independence Day) and I have been off the site. The truth is, not much has changed since I left the site...people are still angry at the choice of our Manager, people still question the owner who, over the years, has supported the Club and Manager to the hilt, people still comment on transfer rumors that appear in the papers, etc. etc. etc. We even have people who question the start date of our practices...because
  11. General Krulak here: 1. Well, it is good to see that I am still loved!! :winkold: I was not at the "protest" so I can't argue if someone says there were 1000+ fans there. I did see a picture and from what I saw, there weren't a 1000+ there...and the papers indicated a different number. BUT, I wasn't there so I will take you at your word. "THEIR CLUB"....yes, I know it is the Fan's Club from many points. At the same time, I think it is a bit over the top to say that it isn't Randy's Club or the Board's Club. I continue to make the point that "longevity" doesn't make a "true" fan. If
  12. General Krulak here: 1. I have kept off the Boards for the past couple of weeks for a very simple reason....with passions running so high, there was nothing I could say that would ever alter the feelings of most people who post on the site. I have seen Randy go from "loved" to "hated"...I have seen Paul Faulkner takes massive amounts of grief...I have taken head shots and body blows (no surprise there)...I have seen a FEW fans on the steps of the Holte protesting THEIR OWN Club and I have seen people taking shots at a Manager who wasn't even named. So for me to come on the Boards would h
  13. General Krulak here: 1. As everyone can see, I have kept a low profile over the past week...because there are times when it is just best to let things play out. A week or so ago some Fans and the Press were going crazy over what was going to happen re. GH. At that time I tried to make it clear that The Club was NOT going to conduct business in the media....that it wasn't fair to GH nor was it fair to the Club. We all acted in a professional manner and business was taken care of. Now we have the old complaint of "dithering"...as if choosing and obtaining a Manager was a simple as goin
  14. General Krulak here: 1. PKAVFC: "I hope the Board has learned a lesson from this...." Oh yes, we sure have. Let's see, we learned that it is not good to have a Manager leave the Club 5 days before the season starts....we learned that we should have a QA man or woman located at the factory where the material for our kit is woven...we learned that it is not good to have a raft of injuries to some of our best players during the season...we learned that it is not good when your Manager has a heart problem in the final weeks of the season. Are those the lessons we were supposed to have l
  15. General Krulak here: 1. Thamutznutz: Are you serious? Do you really think I am going to come onto an open forum...which we already know the media watches like a hawk...and talk about negotiations with our players or talk about what is being said/done at Bodymoor Heath or talk about the status of our Manager????? You can't really expect me to do something like that...seriously. You comment about "buzz word, buzz word"....they may simply be buzz words to you, but they are operational necessities to us. I am on this forum to hear what the Fans have to say and, when possible, respond to w
  16. General Krulak here: 1. Ginko, I am not sure what a "clear sign" would entail? I would think that Randy's willingness to splash cash at every window is some indication of a clear sign of where he wants the Club to go. I would think that Randy's willingness to splash cash to make Villa Park a jewel in the Premiership would be a clear sign of what he wants the Club to be. I would think that the money he has put towards our players (Bodymoor Heath) is a clear sign of his belief that facilities do matter in the health of the players. I would think that Randy's purchase of a house a short d
  17. General Krulak here: 1. It has been exactly one week since we played our last game...I believe we won it...as well as the game before. In that one week, some of you have gone from happy to in despair. Randy and the Board have been accused of "dithering" (again), and questions abound about all sorts of players and our Manager. Once again, the complaints and moans of "the Club not communicating" begin. Does it ever cross anyone's mind that not everything printed in the media should be taken as the gospel? Does it ever cross anyone's mind that we just may be in some delicate discussi
  18. General Krulak here: 1. As everyone has said, a great end to the season!!! At the same time, reality also stares us in the face. We ended well but the season remains one of widely varying emotions. I confess to be happy it is behind us. 2. Re. The tribunal. The announcement is all there is to say. 3. The three "key" questions: I believe all will be answered shortly. Obviously it is not good for anyone involved to have these issues drawn out. The kit will be out in a timely manner as will decision on sponsor. Likewise the Manager decision will be made in a timely manner...of c
  19. General Krulak here: 1. Sorry I have been off line for such a long time...it had nothing to do with the state of play....just having to work some things out. 2. Re. the relegation battle: I agree with all the Fans...it is something I do NOT want to deal with again...and I can assure you that Randy is NOT keen to see it again either!!!! I am not sure my heart or my ulcer could take it again. 3. Bent was HUGE for us this year...simple as that. We had many lads step up during the season when we needed them but none more than Bent. His two goals at the Emirates were simply an expla
  20. General Krulak here: 1. Obviously the entire Board is disappointed over this season...it has not been what we expected and it certainly is not what we wanted to give the fans. We will be evaluating our situation and will be taking action to ensure that we start next year on a positive note. As you might imagine, we certainly wanted to do that this year!! It has been a very strange year...but the time for excuses is long over. We just need to be ready next year. 2. If spending money was the single standard for where you end up in the League, we would be well up the table. The facts
  21. General Krulak here: 1. I wish I could refute the comments made over the last couple of pages but the reality and facts ARE the reality and facts. This has been a VERY tough season and no one at Villa Park is happy about what has transpired. We had great expectations...we are NOT blaming our previous manager for the entire season (counter to what jackbauer24 says)...we believed we had set the Club up for success. We had made great strides in the infrastructure of the Stadium, the People at Villa Park were totally focused on our Fans, we had increased revenue from marketing and sales, we
  22. General Krulak here: 1. Wedge: Yes, GH did see the banner. 2. There will be some friendlies this summer...working on schedule now...will announce when nailed down. 3. I plan on providing the Royal Couple an opportunity to go to Marine Corps recruit training and view processing day. That will cement their marriage.
  23. General Krulak here: 1. First off, I have passed on your good wishes to GH. As you might know, he has suffered a problem that he has suffered before...at Liverpool. It is serious...something that we need to be concerned about. Randy flew over to see him and everyone at the Club has been extending best wishes. I am afraid that he will not be on the sidelines for the remainder of our games....the key is his health and that he recover completely. 2. The North Stand renovation will be a complete renovation...not fixing the old stand but a complete redo. 3. Carew is on loan...pretty
  24. General Krulak here: 1. PA System: We are aware that it is not good. We have "fixed" it twice but have seen only marginal improvement. The total fix will, indeed, cost over one million pounds and will not go in until the North Stand renovation. 2. Mantis: If you paid by credit card, the transaction took place at the speed of light. Since the transaction is between you, the issuer and the bank, cancelling the order is out of our hands. 3. Prince William: We are thinking of what might be the "royal" thing to do. 4. Tayls: That is a pretty tough question because the season
  25. General Krulak here: 1. FIRST AND FOREMOST, thanks to all the Fans who came to the game and gave such great support to the lads. Everyone in the dressing room was talking about the noise and the overwhelming sense that the Fans were behind them. YOU ALL DID GREAT!!!! 2. I am not sure what happened re. the recording...I will have to check it out. I hope it was not a copywrite issue....that would be a real downer. I have sent the UTube version to all my Yank friends and they love it. 3. Birmingham: You pm me with name and number....it would be great to spread the Villa to
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