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  1. Not a team I'm looking forward to us facing on the back of three successive defeats and I would probably take a point right now if offered.

    They are likely to play a 4-2-3-1 with Rice and Soucek a very strong midfield partnership I think the best way to combat this would be to pack the midfield and go 4-5-1.

    We definitely don't need to be playing 3 central defenders (against a lone striker in Antonio) and our recent performances confirm that anyway - It worked to an extent at Chelsea (still lost) but not every game.

    We have conceded 3 goals in our last two matches and I think we need to get a more solid base to work from, therefore injuries / fitness issues aside, I would go something like this:


    Cash           Konsa               Mings          Young

    Traore     Luiz      Nakamba    McGinn      Bailey                           


    Ings a little unfortunate not to start as he has been better than Ollie so far this season but I do think Watkins is more suited to play as a lone forward hence why I would give him the nod - I would be hoping that having Ings on the bench to come on at any time for him (ok, 60 mins on) will spur him on to reaching the levels of last season 🤞

    I think Young's knowhow might be important against the likes of Benrahma and Bowen so I include him over Targett. 

    Traore (if fit) and Bailey given license to get at the West Ham full backs and provide ammunition to Ollie.

    Key will be the midfield battle - they did a right number on us at VP last season and if they win this tussle it will be a long afternoon for us. There are arguments for various combinations in the midfield area, the likes of Sanson, Ramsey, Buendia, Chuck and to be honest I am not sure which is our "strongest" 3 which is completely different to our opponents. They are all capable of good and bad moments. I think Nakamba makes us a bit more solid and we tend to win more than we lose when he plays (?), yes his passing isn't great but I don't think it's a time for being pretty - just a time for grafting and getting the points for the real team in claret and blue!




  2. 46 minutes ago, Stevo985 said:

    He was brilliant against Chelsea to be honest. Pretty much every media outlet I've seen has said as much as well.

    Yeah, I stand corrected - He did play well in that game👍

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  3. I would say he's had a decent start to the season, maybe a 6/7 out of 10.

    I've watched the following City matches;

    • Leicester (Sub) -  Came on around the hour, didn't do anything of note.
    • Spurs - Kept the ball ok, was one of City's better players, his opponent Tanganga MOTM though.
    • Arsenal - Didn't touch the ball for first 25 mins, set up 3rd, against 10 men, game opened up looked good.
    • Chelsea - Did ok, nothing more nothing less, went close with a curling effort.
    • PSG - (only watched 1st half) - went down easy a couple of times (KW), played a part in City's best chance.
    • Liverpool - Played centrally (false 9), was very poor, rightly subbed.

    Other games I have not seen fully -

    • Norwich - Scored, by all accounts played well (in an easy win).
    • Soton - 0-0 - Have no idea how he did.
    • Leipzig - Scored a great goal, played very well by all accounts.

    The goal against Leipzig aside, I haven't really seen too much of his real quality and it's all too safe.

    Don't get me wrong it's great that he keeps the ball extremely well (boy could we have done with some of our guys doing that yesterday!) but Jack's whole game is about expressing himself and taking players on and I've seen very little of that so far.


  4. Only caught the first half and thought he did nothing special (sounds like second half he was worse). Of course playing wide of a front three then he is going to be at the heart of many attacks, goes without saying but he looks too rigid for me out on that left flank.

    At Villa he was given a license to roam and that's when he is at his best. He's obviously class so he will still not look out of place in this team but if I was a City fan I'd be expecting/wanting a lot more.

    It's early days though. 

  5. 6 hours ago, DJ_Villain said:

    Dean Smith has overseen:

    - A ten in a row win streak

    - Playoff final victory and subsequent promotion

    - League Cup final

    - Survival and consolidation in the league

    - Won the FA Youth cup

    and has been the manager when we:

    - beat Liverpool 7-2

    - beat Arsenal twice in one season

    - beat Chelsea and Spurs within a couple of weeks of eachother

    - Beat Man Utd at Old Trafford


    I’d say, from the shitshow that we were before he arrived, that Dean Smith has done fantastically and has proven his ability as a legit Premier League manager


    When you factor in that he had to deal with the illness and subsequent death of his father as well, it just makes the above even more impressive.

    His celebration of our goal yesterday was a site to behold, a Villa man through and through, fantastic to see. 


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  6. Still buzzing, long overdue, and if I had been given a choice of how we win this match out of all the million possible scenario's available - an 88th min winner and a missed pen from that cheating rat would have been very very high on the list 😀

    Made even better with the bitterness shown by Ole in his post-match comments and a game we fully deserved to win. UTV!

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  7. Although it might not be our best eleven on paper there is no need to make any changes for this one - it's early in the season, they will have had a good weeks rest come Sunday and confidence will be absolutely sky high following Saturday's heroics.

    It's fantastic though knowing we have the likes of Buendia, Traore, Tuanzebe, El Ghazi, then Sanson & Bailey (when fit) all fighting for a starting place and I am sure they will all get their chance in the coming months.

    Cautiously optimistic we can go there and win, I know we will try to, but they will be hurting from yesterday so we have to have the right mindset from the start (as in all games). Think Spurs playing Thursday might play to our advantage, let's hope so.



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  8. 22 minutes ago, RicRic said:

    Ings must be starting in either line up tbh we need the strongest side from the get go

    I think he will start, definitely gives us extra fire power, but if we play 3 up top it might mean him having to start wider and not sure that suits him or us.

    We would probably be best going 4-3-1-2 with a narrow 3, Buendia behind Watkins and Ings, which would suit Ings better but it could be a bit bold away at OT. 

    Again, it's great to have these options available to us and mix things up to give us the best chance of beating our opponent.

    I'm guessing Solskjaer hasn't a clue how we will line up either which can only be a good thing.

  9. Would be chuffed with a point (as long as it's not an injury time equaliser from them or another dodgy pen) I'd be absolutely ecstatic with three. Can't see it though, not because we ain't capable, just because it's United. 🙄

    Hopefully they have half an eye on the other Villa(real) on Wednesday night but I doubt it will affect their line up which will inevitably be a strong one.

    In an ideal world Bailey would be starting but presuming he won't make it I'd either go:-

    (4-3-3) Martinez; Cash, Konsa, Mings, Targett; Luiz, McGinn, Ramsey; Buendia, Watkins, Traore.


    (3-5-2) Martinez; Konsa, Mings, Hause; Cash, Luiz, Ramsey, McGinn, Targett; Watkins, Ings.

    Ultimately, I think Ronaldo unfortunately will be the difference. Head 3-1. Heart 0-1 with a 93rd min OG from anyone, but Bruno would be extra spesh!


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  10. A disappointing outcome but a very encouraging performance again at Stamford Bridge which really goes to show how far we have come to play a second string side and compete like we did gives me real hope for our future.

    When the team sheets were announced I must say I presumed it would be a comfortable night for Chelsea and was expecting a two or three nil defeat, but our lads proved me wrong so fair play to each and every one of them, and to Smith for having faith in the fringe players, he was a fraction away from getting this one absolutely 100% spot on. It would have been such a fantastic scene if we had come out on top in the shoot out and to see the players running over to the fantastic support of the travelling Villa fans but alas it wasn't to be. 

    I have seen posts debating whether or not this was the Chelsea "first" team, well, of course it wasn't but they have a pool of about 20 players that could easily be labelled as part of this so called "best eleven" so it's not quite the same. To put it in context a little, FIVE of their starting line up cost a combined total of £230M pounds, the other 6 were (are) quality players that have come through their youth system (or bought in at a young age) and on top of that they still brought on two other players at a combined cost of £112M with another £100M worth of subs just warming the bench for the night. Compare that to our starting eleven which included six players costing £101M only and just Konsa (£12M) on the bench with the rest all our future young stars. I think we can take great heart from the result and more so our performance so to be honest I am feeling very upbeat today with everything about our club.

    Don't get me wrong, money isn't everything and I am not suggesting just because Chelsea's squad value is a lot bigger than ours that we can't/shouldn't be able to compete, we definitely can, we proved this last night and hopefully we can keep improving season on season.

    I love the fact Smith had such faith in the likes of Archer, JPG, Chuk ETC and I love how he is starting to be very flexible with his formations and changing things up, last night being a great example starting with a back 4 then immediately when Lukaku comes on he switches to a back 3 - Get the feeling he loves pitting his wits against the so-called elite managers.

    Deserved to take it to pens, lost it a bit for 20+ mins at the start of the second half but that aside thought we were more than decent. As for the pens, my two penneth - El Ghazi's was unsaveable, Young's was very disappointing (got to hit the target, rule Nr 1), Nakamba - not going to give him pelters but I wasn't convinced when I saw him step up and though he hit the target, if the keeper goes the right way he saves it, again - a poor pen. Konsa's and Buendia's were fine but the damage was already done. Was expecting more from Steer to be honest, was hoping for the baggies stare but that never came and he only got close to the last one and that was in the top corner, shame.

    Finally, the goal (which deserves a mention) - great cross from Matty and that was some header by Archer, fair play to him finishing like that after missing a couple of early chances, a sign of a good striker. Learning from the likes of Ings and Watkins (& Davis :P) is going to be fantastic for his development. 

    All good, now let's beat those f****** on Saturday! 


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  11. Shame it wasn't an easier tie where we could have rested key players and got to see some of our exciting youth again but unfortunately it wasn't to be, therefore, I think we should go as strong as possible TBH and worry about Man Utd later (once we've progressed! ;))

    Chelsea will no doubt make changes yet still be able to field a difficult side to beat, would expect the likes of Chilwell, James, Hudson-Odoi and Werner starting so obviously whilst being no mugs they may not all quite gel as their best eleven do.

    I think the 3-5-2 as worked pretty well in the last two games but I think we need to try get our wide players some minutes whilst also making sure we have a really solid platform at the back therefore I'd probably go something like this:-


    Konsa  Tuanzebe  Mings  Young

                   Luiz       Nakamba

    Traore         Buendia          Bailey


    I'd usually pick Steer in cup games but I think Martinez for this one because we look more assured when he plays, Konsa at RB for that extra defensive nous, Tuanzebe misses Man U so I think he definitely starts, Targett needs a rest / injured? So no brainer bringing in Young.

    4-5-1 off the ball, counter quick and hit them at speed would be my game plan. 0-1 Watkins. 🙂 






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  12. 1 hour ago, Danishlad said:

    I Didn’t get to see the game yesterday. 
    But did Bailey and Traore come on as wing backs???

    Contrary to what some people on here would have you believe, yes, yes they did.

    Bertrand was only on for around 5 minutes mind and the game was over. Not sure he would have made the same sub (with same formation) if it was early in the match. 

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  13. 1 hour ago, rbcuk said:

    5 at the back at home to everton who had rondon as the main striker was completely the wrong set up, game changed soon as Bailey came on and got rid of a back 5


    Well done Dean, well done team! Shaded first half then ran out worthy winners with MOTM Bailey's cameo.

    Thought Mings was very good and also Nakamba proving that he's more than capable regardless of what many on here think.

    Some of the comments in the match thread are laughable, it's like people have absolutely no faith in our manager. He knows what he's doing. Bailey will start games soon. As will Buendia. He has real options now. And I have every faith in him 💜💙


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  14. 6 minutes ago, DJ_Villain said:

    I was with you all the way until that pal.

    I cannot bring myself to give him any support or encouragement…

    I can’t stand the England national setup - for years it’s been engineered to prise away our best players by putting them on lads holidays abroad with players at top 6 clubs so they can turn their heads…

    It happened with Barry, Milner, Young, Downing, Delph and now Jack…

    As soon as they choose to leave Villa for another English club; they lose all of my respect and support… which they are paid handsomely enough not to give a toss about… but then again, I’m that emotionally invested in my club that I shouldn’t be obligated to give a toss about a player who chooses to leave…

    To be honest I understand fully where you are coming from, maybe I had my Italia 90 head on when I posted that bit - I'm not a fan of Southgate and watching England isn't the same as it was for me in years gone by.

    I think my point is, which I badly put, "it's easier watching him play for England than it is for City".

    I can watch him perform for England and think our famous club got him performing at these standards (regardless of what the clueless/top 6 driven media try to tell us).

    I agree with your sentiments though about the National team👍 


  15. Should be a good game and hopefully we can put in a similar performance to the one at Stamford Bridge but obviously excluding the mistakes and being more clinical in front of goal.

    Love the fact that it's much harder to pick a starting eleven now (the upside of Jack leaving) and with Smith showing he's not worried about a formation change then this also makes it less predictable.

    I would go for - 


      Cash       Konsa       Mings          Targett


                  Ramsey           McGinn

     Traore             Watkins                Bailey

    With great options off the bench in the likes of Ings, Buendia, El Ghazi ETC if required.

    They were poor first half against Burnley and DCL is a big loss, I think (hope) we might nick it 2-1 or 3-2.



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  16. 20 minutes ago, Wurzel said:

    I said I wouldn't post again in this thread, but I just want to say apart from the moaning at the ref constantly, he was real class last night on a different level from all the others

    Maybe I am (subconsciously) watching him differently now but I didn't think he was that good at all, don't get me wrong, he was still probably our best player, at least from an attacking POV, but, I don't know, I just think he's capable of so much more.

    Feels like it's been a long, long time since he's really been driving at players, passing them with ease and it all feels a bit restrictive at the moment both with England and City.

  17. If I have eggs on a day Villa are playing, be it boiled or poached and to a lesser extent fried, depending on how well they turn out I always feel it will affect the Villa result (& my day in general)! 🙈

    Absolutely ridiculous I know, yet I tend to either stay away from 🥚🥚 on match day or concentrate really hard on getting them perfect! 😅


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  18. Same team as the one that started against Newcastle.

    Guilbert played well last night but he won't displace Cash, Targett still a little off it so Young gets the nod there.

    The midfield 3 last week all played well so no changes there, more of the same hopefully from JJ.

    I feel the two most at threat were Buendia and AEG but regardless of whether Bailey/Watkins are declared fit I think both should (& will) start - Another weeks training for Emi and a confident performance by Anwar last night should bode well for both.

    Loving our squad now, there's going to be some serious competition when everyone's fit, the way it should be.

    Think we might nick it, 2-1 Ings, Buendia.


  19. First time I have seen him play and very impressed, not only with his MOTM performance but the way he spoke after the game, looks to have his head screwed on right and another one of our young crop that's got great potential.

    Not knocking Keinan Davis, as I am a fan of him in terms of his hold up play, strength, bringing others into the game but I couldn't imagine him scoring the 3 goals that Archer scored last night, they were real quality finishes, reminded me of a young Michael Owen.

    The first was easy enough but in the right place at the right time and gave the keeper absolutely no chance, the second one he made look a lot easier than it was but it was an exquisite chip but my fav was actually the third - I loved how he calmly side footed it into the far bottom corner, I have seen so many players that would have just lashed at that but that finish showed me that he's a natural finisher and the kid with a bit of luck and hard work can do very well in the game.


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  20. Almost a perfect 1st half

    I think our 2 centre halves are the only ones that aren't quite "on it" though their CF is putting himself about a bit, they both look rusty.

    Hourihane instrumental (like you'd expect) El Ghazi clinical, the young lads all showing the future is bright.

    Meanwhile Leeds are 0-0 at HT with the mighty Crewe playing arguably a stronger team than us... 




  21. 37 minutes ago, villalad21 said:

    If he plays 11 different players I can easily see us struggle. 

    I want us to take the cup serious but I reckon Smith will rest basically everyone 

    A few people putting Davis in their teams - Thought he was definitely out injured?! 

    Regardless of whether we make wholesale changes or not we should still have more than enough to qualify tonight as long as we play with the right attitude.

    I would say our squad is better now even with the fitness issues and injuries we currently have than in previous seasons where we have gone understrength and come unstuck.

    Not always easy to gel granted, but a back 5 of Steer, Guilbert, Tuanzebe, Hause and Targett (which most people are predicting) should give us a solid base to work from.


  22. Really want us to go for it in this cup (as always) as it is our best chance of silverware, that said we need to manage the squad effectively in terms of resting players that have niggles and giving players that need minutes some game time - all whilst hopefully giving us a comfortable passage into round 3.

    Difficult to predict the starting eleven as we aren't privy to the players' fitness levels but I would think it would be something along the lines of this;


          Guilbert   Tuanzebe    Hause     Targett

                         Nakamba    Hourihane 

         JPB            Chukwuemeka       El Ghazi (Sanson)    



    All about attitude, if that's there then we will be just fine - I'm going for 0-3 Wes, Conor, JPB.


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